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Happy Soul Crystal Sets for your 2022 Journey!

Happy Soul Crystal Sets for your 2022 Journey!

2022 is going to be your year! You’ve had the time to reflect and determine where you want to improve and make intentions for your journey through 2022. We want to help you thrive this year! It is important that when you are making goals and intentions for the new year that you surround yourself with people and energies that will help you succeed.

Happy Soul is happy to announce our new 2022 Sets! We have four new sets, the Solar Flare Protection set, the Find Your Twin Flame set, the Become an Influencer set, and the Topple the Patriarchy set. These sets will set you up for a vibrant and successful year which you so deserve!


Solar Flare Protection Set

The Solar Flare Protection Set is a powerful energy set that will assist those who are energetically sensitive and need extra protection during solar flares. This set is a great tool for those who want to ensure they are diminishing any negative or unwanted energies during this these phases. This set includes zebra amber, jet, shungite and yellow mica.

Zebra Amber

This energy crystal is a fossilized resin that carries life force. With this crystal, you will feel a lot of soothing energy and assists with your inner child healing. With the intentions in regards to Solar Flare, zebra amber is useful for transmuting solar energy into neutral energy.


This is such a beautiful and powerful energy crystal that will really heighten the vibrations from this protection set. Jet energy crystals are a perfect grounding stone. Many use this crystal when meditating or looking to feel more at peace. Jet crystals have an intense purification and has protection properties which clear auras and impure energies.


Shungite is an energy crystal that everyone should incorporate in their life someway or another! It is such a powerful protection crystal. Shungite helps with purifying your aura and filtering out any unwanted or harmful energies on your journey in 2022.

Yellow Mica

Yellow mica crystals will instantly help you in releasing any energy that does not serve you whether that is your own judgements and emotions or others energy directed at you! Yellow mica is an energy crystal that helps insulate against stray electromagnetic energy.


Find Your Twin Flame Set

The Twin Flame set is a wonderful crystal set that is designed to help you find the person you share a soul connection with. This Twin Flame Set is made up of four crystals, Rhodonite, Fuchsite, Rutilated Quartz and Citrine. 


Rhodonite is an energy crystal that grounds your heart chakra energy and brings in love energy to the physical plane. Rhodonite is a powerful energy crystal because not only does it seek both love and self-love energy to provide within but it also helps with healing emotional wounds.


Fuchsite is an energy crystal that is generally in the light greener tones. Fuchsite is an energy crystal that can be used to help you open your heart. When you’re in search of your twin flame, it is important that you are allowing yourself to be open to the idea and that means being vulnerable. Not only does fuchsite help with opening up your heart but it also helps you embrace your self-worth!

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is a great energy crystal when it comes to finding your twin flame. This energy crystal supports letting go of your past and allowing you to really focusing on your present and current situation and what is around you.


Citrine is an energy crystal that will help you manifest your twin flame. Citrine is a powerful manifestation energy crystal that will not only help you manifest your twin flame but will encourage prosperity and positivity in your life to help you manifest your intentions.


Become an Influencer Set

The Become an Influencer set is a crystal energy set that. Now is the time to set into your light and show the world what you have to offer. This set will help you tap into confidence and creativity with the crystals Aqua Aura Point, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye and Beryl. 

Aqua Aura Point

Becoming an influencer is all about expressing yourself! Aqua Aura Point is the perfect energy crystal to help you do that! This crystal gives you the gentle reminder that you are one of a kind and you are someone who can influence the changes in our world today.


Carnelian is an energy crystal that will help encourage and provide overall strength. As an influencer, you must be self-motivated and want to be as creative as possible. Carnelian helps with boosting that motivation that you will need and with opening up the creative side.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye crystals are amazing for helping you confidently give it your all. Like most influencers, the key to being influential is being able to be confident in your own home of a body. Tiger’s eye will provide you the confidence to make decisions with ease and to implement follow-up action in the decisions you make.


The steps to become an influencer can be really stressful and sometimes unmotivating as it is a long road to become one. Beryl is an energy crystal that will be useful for the process of becoming an influencer. This energy crystal helps with melting away any stress that is not serving you and helps you to shine on and keep pushing forward!


Topple the Patriarchy Set

The Topple the Patriarchy Set a crystal energy set that allows you to step into your power. This crystal set is also a great tool for those who are looking for some extra support in their work and home environment. This set comes with four energy crystals, Sardonyx, Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Flint and Clear Quartz.


Sardonyx is an energy crystal that is not spoken about enough. This energy crystal works great for promoting integrity and strengthening character. This energy crystal is a crystal that works best when carried around on your daily activities or placed on your work desk.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is an energy crystal that helps with channeling the divine feminine. It is time to take on life with the beat of your own drum. Rainbow moonstone encourages you to listen to your intuition and make decisions that will benefit and resonates with you.

Rainbow Flint

Rainbow Flint is an energy crystal that will help you cut off any energies that is no longer wanted which allows you to really hone into who you are and what you feel will help you thrive on your journey in this new year. Rainbow Flint also helps with self-confidence which will help you really become more comfortable in all aspects of your life.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is great for balancing and energizing the chakras, rooms, auras and your overall surroundings. This energy crystal will really help with amplifying other crystals and will essentially be a charger crystal for both you and your other energy crystals!

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