9 Crystals for Empaths

Empaths are such a powerful and spiritual gift to have. If all individuals had the ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of other individuals, our world would be such a happier place to live in! While empaths are...

 Jenn Bheemsingh

5 Crystals For Burnout & Exhaustion

Have you been on the go nonstop? Is it starting to catch up to you? You’re definitely experiencing some form of exhaustion or even burnout! Burnout and exhaustion can really make you stop feeling like yourself. While crystals won’t cure...

 Joey Wargachuk

Crystal Showcase: Pyrite

Pyrite Often called ‘Fool’s Gold’Pyrite is a strong Solar Plexus Chakra crystal that gives a boost of vitality and will power. It allows you to connect with the Earth and channel the Earth’s energy. It is a strong attractor, helping...

 Joey Wargachuk