5 Calming Crystals For Stress

Bills. Responsibilities. Family. Life. Do you feel stressed just by thinking about those things? I definitely do! I find calming crystals have been my saving grace in the past few years and I have taken advantage of it to help...

 Jenn Bheemsingh

Crystal Showcase: Petrified Wood

Petrified WoodAlso know as ‘Fossilized’ or ‘Agatized’ WoodThis crystal is created when a tree comes in contact with water and different elements such as manganese, iron or copper are then absorbed Chakra: Root and SacralType: Wood that comes from fossilized...

 Joey Wargachuk

Lepidolite Crystal Showcase

Lepidolite has a soft energy that connects and helps us love our inner selves. It will help stop obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency and helps overcome insomniaChakra: Third EyeType: Silicate (a type of mica) containing lithium From: Brazil, Madagascar, Dominican Zodiac:...

 Joey Wargachuk