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Sweetgrass Braid 18-20"

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Saging is ritual alchemy as it is known for shifting the air element and transforming your current experience into a mystical experience.

Use for clearing your home or sacred space of negative energy, during ceremonies or rituals, burn as incense, to purify the air, or for cleansing your ritual tools and crystals.

    How to Use:

    Allow the end of the braid to come contact with a flame and hold for 30-60 seconds until ignited, then blow on the lit end. Move around your space and hold the sweetgrass in the air and allow the smoke to dance and fill the room. If you are cleansing a home, don't forget the closet doors and tiny corners. To put out sweetgrass, you can submerge the bundle into sand or cover it up with a bowl to remove the oxygen. Do not submerge your sweetgrass in water to put it out and never leave burning sweetgrass unintended.

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