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Retirement Celebrations

Happy Soul Retirement Celebrations
Crystal Bingo Night & More: Celebrate a New Chapter!


Welcome to Happy Soul

At Happy Soul, we cherish every phase of life's journey and are passionate about marking its milestones with joy, reflection, and a hint of magic.

Located in the vibrant heart of Toronto, we offer specially crafted experiences for retirement parties that combine the wonder of crystals with the spirit of celebration.


Crystal Bingo Night

Overview: Experience the fun of bingo with a spiritual twist! Our crystal-themed bingo night is not only entertaining, but also imbued with meaning and mindfulness, perfect for honoring the transition into retirement.

Includes: Custom crystal bingo game, crystal prizes for winners, and a friendly, engaging host to guide the evening.


Retirement Reflections Tarot Reading

Our tarot expert offers personalized card readings, reflecting on past achievements and looking ahead to future adventures. Our skilled readers create a supportive and insightful environment.


Journey Through the Stars: Astrology Workshop

Explore the influence of the stars on this new life chapter with a group astrology session. It's a thoughtful way to commemorate one's career journey and aspirations for the future.

Includes individual astrology readings and an interactive group session focused on astrological transitions.


Customizable Spiritual Workshops

Tailor your celebration with a choice of workshops designed to nurture the soul, such as crystal healing for new beginnings, mindfulness meditation for peace, or manifesting workshops for retirees' dreams and goals.

An expert-led session, and comprehensive guides for ongoing practice will be provided.


Why Choose Happy Soul for Your Retirement Party?

Expert Guidance: Our friendly and professional team is highly experienced in crystals, tarot, astrology, and more, ensuring a deeply meaningful experience.

Personalized Experiences: We customize every detail to resonate with the retiree's journey and the guests' energy.

Memorable Keepsakes: From unique crystal gifts to the insight of individual Tarot card readings with our experts, our takeaways make the celebration unforgettable.



"Holding my retirement party at Happy Soul was the best decision. The crystal bingo was a hit, and the tarot readings added such a personal touch." - Patricia K.

"The astrology session at my father's retirement party was enlightening. We all gained insights into his incredible journey and what lies ahead." - Jonathan M.


Book Your Unforgettable Retirement Celebration

Ready to mark the beginning of a fulfilling retirement with a spiritual touch?

Email happysoulinfo@gmail.com or call 647-348-0961 and ask for Diane or Joey!

Call ahead to plan a visit to our Toronto store for a personal tour to experience the warm, inviting energy of Happy Soul firsthand.

We're excited to help make this transition not just memorable, but magical! 😊


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