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Welcome to Happy Soul - Where Pets are Part of Our Spiritual Journey 🐾✨
We are proudly pet-friendly in our stores!



We believe in the power of unity, not just among humans but between us and our furry, feathered, and finned friends.

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, our stores on Dovercourt and Bloor, and Queen Street West, offer a sanctuary where spiritual growth transcends species.

Here's why bringing your pets along to Happy Soul is not just welcomed; it's encouraged.

Pets: Our Spiritual Companions

Our spaces resonate with love, vibrational energy, and the essence of inclusivity for all. We recognize pets as crucial contributors to this harmony. They are not only our friends but also our spiritual guides, helping us to navigate life's journey with unconditional love and joy. At Happy Soul, experience the bliss of exploring spiritual tools and crystals, side by side with your beloved pets.

What Makes Happy Soul Pet-Friendly:

Crystal Healing for Pets: Discover our unique selection of crystal-based products specifically designed for pets, promoting their well-being and spiritual growth.

Hear from Our Community

"Taking Luna, my cat, to Happy Soul has really added something special to our days. It's so cozy and they're very welcoming to pets, we are always comfortable there." - Emily & Luna 🌟

"The staff at Happy Soul are great at recommending crystals beneficial to my dog Max, I appreciate that they work with animals too!” - Jake & Max 🌈

Join Us With Your Furry Friends

Ready to deepen your spiritual connection alongside your pet? Visit us at our Dovercourt and Bloor or Queen Street West locations. Our doors are open every day, ready to welcome you and your spiritual companions.

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Welcome to the Happy Soul family, where every soul is cherished and celebrated.