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1. Q: Where can I pick my up my order when I select Free In-Store Pick Up?
A: We have only one location where you can pick up your order, 961 Bloor St
West, Toronto ON.

2. Q: Where are your crystals from?
A: We get our crystals from all over the world! Some come from Sellers within
Canada, while some are selected from small mines from many different countries and geographic regions. Read Here about our Journey with:

3. Q: Are you able to ship something to me that’s only available in-store?
A: Yes we can, permitting we have the items in stock. We can email you an
invoice for the shipping fee, and when we receive a confirmation for payment, we will put it in the mail for you. 

We require an order minimum of $100 before HST in order to process an order request. 

Please email happysoulonline@gmail.com to
request your order.
4. Q: How do I clear my crystals?
A: Crystals can pick up energy from other people, so you may many to clear the crystals when you first buy them, and then occasionally after that. This will also charge them.  After using crystals, you may find a charge will strengthen and brighten them.

  • Soak in spring water or run under tap water. With the exception of Malachite, Lapis, Pyrite, Selenite, Tourmalines or Turquoise.
  • Place in moonlight
  • Place in early morning sunlight, but not Amethyst! It will dull
  • Place at the base of a lit candle
  • Cover with Sea Salt for 24 hours
  • Cleanse with Sage or Palo Santo
  • Tap a Tibetan singing bowl, or tap together tingsha over crystals
  • Bury in Sand, Soil or Brown Rice overnight
  • Lightwork: connect to Divine light and “visualizing” a clearing light dispelling negative energy and charging your crystal
  • Place on a Selenite Log
  • Place in a Pyramid

5. Q: How do I store my crystals?
A: We recommend grouping your crystals together within their "intention" or "chakra" families. For example, if you have rose quartz and morganite, they would store well together as they are both love centered crystals that work with the Heart Chakra vibration.

6. Q: My crystal broke; can I still use it?
A: Your intuition should be able to tell you if you should keep this crystal or not. Listen to your inner voice. If you feel called to keep this crystal, then hang on to it. If you feel that your time with the crystal is complete, you can return it to the earth by finding a place in nature to let it live.

7. Q: Can I let other people use my crystals?
A: Again, this is best suited to check in with your intuition. If you feel as though letting other's handle your crystals is okay then feel free to do so, however it is always best to clear the energy of your crystals after other people return the crystal to you.

8. Q: Does the size of the crystal effect it's efficiency?
A: No matter the size of the crystal, it will have the same energetic properties. However, if you want a crystal to work its vibration on a large space, a larger crystal may have more benefit. Small sized crystals are great for working with a person directly. It's also important to note that certain crystals may have a different potency, therefore even if it's smaller its vibration can work in a larger area. Feel free to ask us (or Google) about crystal properties!