About Us


🌟 Our Inspired Mission and Cosmic Vision 🌟

"Why does Happy Soul exist? Who is behind this spiritual sanctuary?"

These are queries we often hear, and rightfully so. At Happy Soul, we believe in a cosmic blueprint—a higher vibrational frequency that's guiding us towards enlightenment, love, and abundance. Our mission is as simple as it is profound:

"To assist Earth's dwellers in unlocking their innate gifts and follow their soul's dreams through the potent alchemy of Crystals and Spiritual Tools for Intuition."

Inspired by the ethereal wisdom of the Moon and the grounded energies of Earth, our founder, Diane Kewley, envisioned a space where spiritual tools are accessible to all. Guided by her celestial team of angels and fairies, and anchored by the energies of Quartz, Calcite, and Jasper, Diane set out to manifest her vision. After cosmic alignments and earthly searches, she found the first sacred space near the corner of Dovercourt and Bloor. Now, Happy Soul has a twin flame on Toronto's iconic Queen Street West!

Astrological Synchronicity: Our mission and growth phases have been in harmony with astrological cycles, particularly leveraging the energies of Jupiter—the planet of expansion and blessings.

🌈 Meet Our Guardians of Light 🌈

Diane Kewley, Our Cosmic Founder

🔮 Tarot Archetype: The High Priestess
🔮 Resonant Crystals: Quartzs & Calcite
🔮 Spiritual Quotient: "Inspire to aspire, until you transpire into your Higher Self."

Diane's soul mission is to guide you during your visits to Happy Soul, whether it’s your first crystal purchase or a deep spiritual consultation. Her most cherished moments are those of pure connection—a soul resonating with a crystal, a heart opening to its potential.

Joey Wargachuk, Our Mystical VP and Wizard

🔮 Tarot Archetype: The Magician
🔮 Resonant Crystals: Citrine, Moldavite, and Rubies
🔮 Spiritual Quotient: "Alchemy is the key; your soul, the lock. Open doors to worlds unknown."

Joey's magical touch has been instrumental in developing Happy Soul into a spiritual crystal haven. From crafting educational programs to conjuring social media strategies, he is the Merlin of our modern-day Crystal Camelot.

🌠 The Soulful Journey of Happy Soul Staff: Becoming Cosmic Stewards 🌠

The heartbeat of Happy Soul is not just the array of radiant crystals or the mystical tools we offer; it's the people who bring their energy and intention to our sacred space—our esteemed staff. Walking into Happy Soul as team members, they embark on a journey of transformation that transcends a typical employment experience.

"Joining the Happy Soul team is like enrolling in a spiritual academy with a paycheck. It's an employment opportunity and an enlightenment journey, wrapped into one."

🌟 Certification & Skill Enhancement 🌟

Every team member receives specialized training and certification in crystal healing and divination arts. This educational pathway equips them to be not just sales associates but spiritual guides for our customers. Imagine a retail experience where you're not just greeted with a smile, but also with intuitive insights and cosmic wisdom—that's what our team brings to the table.

"Our staff don't just assist you in finding a product; they guide you in choosing the tools that resonate with your soul's journey."

🌈 Empowering Individual Paths 🌈

We believe that when our staff thrive, so does Happy Soul. In alignment with our vision, we encourage them to pursue their spiritual interests and entrepreneurial endeavors even outside Happy Soul. It's not uncommon for our team members to move on to launch their spiritual businesses, become authors, or travel as spiritual healers. Their success stories aren't just a testament to their individual prowess but are also a living embodiment of Happy Soul’s mission.

"Our staff members come to us as seekers and leave as luminous guides—divine creators of their destiny and dream-weavers of their reality."

In the end, our staff's journey parallels the collective path we aim to carve out for our community—empowered, enlightened, and endlessly inspiring. By nurturing their spiritual growth, we elevate the collective vibration of Happy Soul, transcending it from a store into a transformative sanctuary for all.


🌹 Our Ethereal Offerings & Sacred Ethics 🌹


Spiritual Value

Ethical Sourcing


Raise Vibration

Fair-Trade Mines


Divine Guidance


Sound Tools

Energy Clearing



"Why do we offer these specific products? What sets Happy Soul's offerings apart?" At the heart of these questions lies our spiritual discernment—a process that elevates mere commerce to a form of alchemy. Our selection procedure is akin to a sacred ritual; guided by intuition, planetary alignments, and energetic resonance.

"We don't just sell products; we offer spiritual catalysts that elevate your journey of self-discovery and cosmic alignment."

🔮 Crystals: The Mineral Kingdom’s Soul Whisperers 🔮

At Happy Soul, we offer an expansive selection of more than 297 unique types of crystals, each holding its unique vibration and cosmic story. Our crystals come from ethically sourced mines globally, blessed and charged by spiritual practitioners before they even reach our shelves.

"Our crystals aren't mere stones; they are sentient beings that chose to be here, to assist you on your spiritual journey."

🌟 Tarot & Oracle: Your Cosmic Counsel 🌟

Divination through Tarot and Oracle cards is more than an art; it’s a timeless dialogue between your Higher Self and the Universe. We continually update our collection to resonate with the collective energies, ensuring we offer decks that serve as your perfect cosmic counsel.

"Our Tarot and Oracle cards are like cosmic Google—ask, and you shall know!"

🎵 Sound Tools & Crystal Bowls: Harmonic Healers 🎵

Our selection of sound tools, including singing bowls, are meticulously tuned to specific chakras and celestial frequencies. These tools are not just instruments; they are harmonic healers that align your bio-rhythms with the cosmic symphony.

"When you strike a bowl or chime a bell, you're not just making music; you're tuning your soul."

🔥 Smoke Cleansing Tools: The Ancient Purifiers 🔥

From sage bundles to aromatic herbs, our smoke cleansing tools are gathered with reverence, honoring the ancient traditions that have utilized these elements for millennia.

"When you light a sage bundle, you're not just cleansing a space; you're honoring an ancient lineage of spiritual purification."

📚 Curated Spiritual Literature 📚

Our books are more than ink and paper; they are wisdom keepers. We curate titles that align with our mission—crystals, spirituality, self-development, and cosmic alignment.

"Our books are your spiritual syllabus, written by the cosmic faculty."

🕯 Incense & Candles: Scented Sermons 🕯

Our incenses and candles are not just about pleasant aromas; they are about evoking states of consciousness. Infused with essential oils and blessed herbs, they elevate the vibration of any space.

"When you light a candle or incense, you're not just illuminating a room; you're lighting up your soul."

🛒 Why the Cosmic Sales? 🛒

Sales at Happy Soul are not driven merely by commercial goals; they serve a higher purpose. Whether you're drawn to Moldavite for interstellar connections or Shungite for EMF protection, our sales aim to make these powerful spiritual tools accessible to all.

"Our sales are not discounts; they are universal invitations to embrace your spiritual path."

Note: Our ethical and moral standards are non-negotiable. For every crystal, there's a story—a journey from the Earth to your hand, traversing ethical mines, and supporting fair wages.

🌏 Community, Charity & Cosmic Love 🌏

We're more than a store; we're a family—a cosmic tribe. Your testimonials, like shimmering stars, light up our universe. We've also partnered with local organizations like Sistering and offer exclusive crystal sets where 100% of the profits support their noble work.

Astrological Giving: Our charitable events are scheduled during Venus transits, invoking the goddess of love and abundance.

🌠 🌠 Our Future Endeavors: Retreats, Spiritual Journeys, and a Century of Transformation 🌠

The Vision for 2116: A Century of Happy Soul

As we stand on the precipice of our present, we cast our vision far into the future, towards the year 2116—the centennial anniversary of Happy Soul. Imagine a world where spirituality and technology coalesce, where the vibrational frequencies of crystals are harnessed to power entire communities, and where Happy Soul stands as a global leader in energy healing.

🌈 Centers for Transformation and Support 🌈

In this envisioned future, Happy Soul isn't just a store; it's a global network of centers focused on transformation and support. These centers act as beacons of light, offering a variety of services from energy healing to advanced spiritual education. Built with eco-friendly, bio-sustainable materials, these centers are more than just buildings; they are living, breathing organisms that resonate with the Earth's energy.

Each center features advanced healing rooms where the properties of crystals are amplified through quantum technology. Imagine walking into a room and having your aura instantly analyzed, with custom crystal prescriptions offered in real-time, leveraging AI-driven astrological algorithms.


🌟 Merging Magic and Technology 🌟

In 2116, Happy Soul pioneers the fusion of magic and technology. Utilizing Advanced  "Crystal Grids," we'll create a decentralized network of energy healing accessible to anyone, anywhere. These grids will be designed to capture and store positive intentions, releasing them as needed to balance Earth's energy fields.

We'll also offer Virtual Reality (VR) spiritual journeys. Imagine donning a VR headset and finding yourself instantly transported to sacred sites around the world, from the pyramids of Egypt to the healing vortexes of Sedona—all from the comfort of your home but with the energetic imprint of the actual location.

🌏 Eco-Futuristic Contributions to Toronto and the World 🌏

Toronto, our birthplace, will experience urban transformation through "Happy Soul Gardens"—mini-ecosystems that utilize crystal energy for soil fertility and air purification. Imagine skyscrapers with vertical forests, powered by crystal grids that channel Earth's energy to every plant, animal, and human in the vicinity.

Internationally, Happy Soul will spearhead initiatives to clean the oceans, reverse desertification, and reforest the Amazon. Utilizing crystals like Shungite and Selenite, we'll purify water sources and cleanse the atmosphere, converting harmful energies into life-giving forces.

🌱 A Green, Cool, Futuristic Approach 🌱

Our vision is deeply rooted in sustainability. Every product, from crystal wands to oracle decks, will be produced in a zero-waste, carbon-neutral process. We'll also introduce the "Happy Soul Token"—a cryptocurrency backed by the collective positive energy of the community, which can be used to access services and products, fostering a new economy based on spiritual values and ecological balance.

🌟 Final Thought 🌟

This is not just a dream; it's a roadmap for the next century. Happy Soul is committed to being a catalyst for spiritual awakening, a beacon of light in times of darkness, and a conduit for the positive transformation of Toronto and the world.

As we move towards this radiant future, we invite you to join us in making this vision a reality. Together, let's create a world that our future selves will thank us for—a world of love, light, and unbounded spiritual potential.

The Sacred Flame Between Us and You

In this moment, let's pause and recognize that you're not here by mere chance. The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, has aligned us on this path. It's a sacred rendezvous, a cosmic appointment, a soulful collaboration. Our journey is not one of solitude but of unity, of community, and most importantly, of shared destiny.

🌈 Manifesting Dreams 🌈

"Your dreams are not just idle fantasies; they are your soul's deepest desires knocking on the door of reality. Let's swing that door wide open!"

At Happy Soul, we believe that the crystals you're drawn to, the spiritual tools you pick up, and the courses you enroll in are not random choices. They are guided by your Higher Self, taking you a step closer to your life’s purpose. Together, we'll co-create spaces where dreams are not just nurtured but manifested into tangible outcomes.

🌀 Transforming Realities 🌀

"The reality you experience is but a reflection of your inner world. Let's change the mirror, and behold—a new world unfolds!"

In every Happy Soul center, online course, and spiritual tool, we embed transformational energies. By choosing to embark on this journey with us, you are not just transforming your reality; you're also contributing to a collective shift. Picture a world where every individual is empowered, every community is enlightened, and every nation is elevated. That's the world we're building, one soul at a time.

🔆 Elevating Vibrations 🔆

"When you elevate your vibration, you're not just rising alone; you're lifting the world with you."

As we grow in spiritual awareness and vibrational frequency, we become conduits for cosmic energies. Imagine the ripple effect that we can create, a cascading flow of positivity, love, and healing that radiates outwards from us to our loved ones, our communities, and eventually, the entire planet.

🌟 Your Next Step in This Cosmic Dance 🌟

We invite you to make a conscious choice today. Will you heed the call of your soul and step into this magical circle of transformation? Remember, every step you take towards your spiritual growth is a step towards a more radiant you and a more radiant world.

"The most powerful choice you can make is to seize your spiritual destiny. In doing so, you become a lighthouse, guiding others through the storm towards their own spiritual awakening."