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About Us


Many People Ask Why Does Happy Soul Exist and Who Started it?

Happy Souls purpose is to assist the people of the world in Unlocking their Gifts & Following their Dream with Crystals & Spiritual tools for their Intuition.

Happy Soul was started with love, by Diane Kewley in the summer of 2016, on the day of Nikola Tesla`s 150th birthday, when she was guided by spirit to leave her accounting career and become a first-time entrepreneur.

With a vision in her heart of raising the world's vibration through access to spiritual tools, Diane was inspired to open a store that shared crystals and the like with the world. After much searching, she found a spot near the corner of Dovercourt and Bloor  and Happy Soul has since grown to include a second location on Toronto's popular Queen Street West.

As Happy Soul helps more and more people, we hope to open more Stores to spread the seeds of love from mother nature to expand high vibrational transformation out into the world.

Diane Kewley/Founder

Diane's favourite Crystals tend to resonate with those of the Quartz family and likes to dabble with Calcites, Jaspers and Beryl’s. She loves guiding customers during their visits at the store and inspiring them to make big leaps to achieve their dreams.

Her most treasured exchanges at Happy Soul have been the countless times she has seen her clients deeply resonating with the store experience firsthand, and the in-person connection people have with crystals. Diane hopes all of her customers leave Happy Soul inspired to change the world and find their path to happiness.

Our Journey and Vision

Sourcing and collecting crystals for our customers brings us great joy. 

We have expanded our travels and learned so much about what our customers ask for in terms of type/size and quality, along with ethical and moral concerns, which we take very seriously. We expanded our own education and share those finding with our customers.

Diane does all of our Sourcing and buying of crystals. They have a dedicated focus on creating lasting relationships with vendors they have met at local and national crystal shows, crystal hunters and international crystal suppliers.

Over the years Happy Soul has grown and expanded its offerings, developed an online store and online education academy, and formed partnerships, with vendors educators and influencers to bring the wonder and support of crystals and their gifts to the world.

We endeavor to raise the vibration of all those we meet, by being supportive of inclusion and diversity, while being local community leaders for change and transformation for radical good and unconditional love. Happy Soul Continues to set our vision to the starts and to wish all those who visit and shop with us the opportunity to experience the gifts of transformation and spiritual healing.

Staff Excellence & Success

Happy Soul as a small Business is focused on servicing the community of those awakening to their inner light. Diane’s vision is to not only empowering her customers to awaken the light and purpose, but for those who work with Happy Soul to make its mission a reality.

Working at a crystal store can activate amazing transformations and expansion of higher consciousness. Attuning you to your purpose and allowing you to manifest your goals. Happy Soul has many wonderful Staff members who have graced us with their light as we have journeyed into the future. They have come and gone on to wonderful dreams and accomplishments (Higher Education, World Travel & Spiritual Practices).


What Does Happy Soul Offer?

Happy Soul is a metaphysical supply store that primarily is a Crystal store that focuses on sourcing its items, morally and ethically. With complimentary products offered such as tarot/oracle cards, candles, incense, sound bowls and much more with a focus on education and dedicated customer service. We understand that many people who gravitate to Happy Soul may have just experienced awakening to their spiritual journey and welcome the added assistance we offer along with our offerings of Professional certified courses in multiple spiritual modalities. 

Why We Carry these products

As energetically sensitive we select things to have at Happy Soul based on their spiritual value, on how they affect our vibration, and what they do to positively effect an individual’s journey. Shop Here


Happy Soul has now over 297 Types of crystals in assorted shapes and types from many locations worldwide. We are grateful for our multiple vendors and partners who help us maintain ethical and moral standards, so we can bring to you the highest of vibration spiritual tools for your journey. See Our Selection



Divination is a powerful self-development tool that we highly resonate with and are always updating our collection. Allowing people to test out and see the cards before purchase is important to us, this is why we have available in store demo decks and extensive photos of cards of decks online. Browse Our Collection

Sound Tools & Crystal Bowls

Sound is healing and its vibration helps to shift energy. We have available a wide selection of bowls tuned to specific keys and chakras, tuned, and tested for your sound healing needs. Browse Our Collection

Smoke Cleansing Tools

Burning of sage and herbs has been an ancient practice for energy clearing for millennium, all over the world. We continue this tradition and share its wisdom with the most reverence and respect. Browse Our Selection


We select and source books that center their focus on topics that align with our key mission and focus on crystals and spiritual development. Browse Our Collection

Incense & Candles

Infusing a space with good smells and soft light does wonders for the soul. These are our favorite metaphysical tools to raise the vibration of your mindfulness & meditation practice. Browse Incense Browse Candles

Why We Have Sales?

Opening up your solar plexus and Releasing negative Money beliefs is a complex journey. We do our best to give opportunities to try new things and make crystals accessible and adorable to all by creating sales based on the needs and requests of our customers, no matter it be Moldavite for high vibe cosmic exploration in conscious or obtaining high grade Shungite for its anti EMF and water purify properties.

Wholesale and Discounts

We have done much research and experimenting with wholesale, and now have integrated volume discounts into our online store. That those who are starting a spiritual business or using crystals for jewelry and art projects can get discounts at a much more easy and accessible way without having to jump through hoops the old fashion way of wholesale.

In-Person Workshops and Gatherings

Welcoming People no matter where they are in their spiritual journey and educating them in a safe inclusive space has been a key mission for Happy Soul as we continue adapting to the world at large.

Happy Soul Decks

As a part of our own education process, we have created our own Oracle Decks to help Share Crystal Guidance and information to assist those on their spiritual journey. Check Out Our Deck Here


Nurturing the Community and Crystalline World Grid

Inspiring those around us and Nurturing people as they become aware to the energetic world around them through crystal energy has been a wonderous opportunity for us to give back to the community. Happy Soul does this by continuously offering Crystal giveaways, Free workshops and gathering in person and online and along with supporting financially local Non-Profit Organizations.

Empowering Local Women

Happy Soul is located across the street from Sistering a 24-hour drop-in center for women. We offer 100% of the Profits of our Crystal for Trauma set to this organization in adding them in their noble work.


Donating and Supporting

We have many wonderful non-profits that reach out to us to partner and participate them in their visions and mission of making the world a better place. We help out where we can and share crystal with them for their fundraising or giveaway needs.

Crystal Grid Work

Happy Souls Mission also entails working in the higher realms as light workers and traveling locally and globally to expand the world crystal grid. building crystal grids to shift out energies to higher states that release energies that no longer serve humanity, so we align us to new star gates of transformation.

 Happy Soul Welcomes all Crystal Retailers with love to the industry space and sends supportive guidance in angelic form to all competitors on their journey.

Customer Stories

Amazing place, with a wonderful reception and with really nice people able to help you with all possible questions you have about the benefits of crystals energy. I would love to hang out with them and learn everything. I'm in love with this place 😍🙏- Gutty Werneck


I visited two weeks ago looking for their Happy Soul oracle cards. I love these cards because they aren't giving you an affirmation, they pose a question. I spend all day thinking about the question on the card and I never know when the answer will hit me, but when it does...fireworks! The pictures on-line show a seating area with couches and a coffee table. This wasn't there when I visited.  There was someone laying out a crystal grid, tho. The real-time creation of the grid grabbed my attention and raised my energy right away. I wish the person doing it was a little more welcoming though. I felt like I was disturbing her flow and so I didn't stick around the table, but I wanted to!  They also had masks at the front for customers which is nice. -Celeste Francis Esteves


One of my faves, love shopping here for all of my spiritual needs. Great selection of crystals, singing bowls and tarot cards. Staff are always very helpful and able to answer any questions that I may have. - Kanani Artemismoon