Ethical Fair-Trade Crystals & Integrity Retailing


 We are highly committed to an honest & clear strategy in sourcing our crystals & products! Happy Soul Cares about Changing the Energy of our Customers’ Journey while Positively impacting the world to the best of our ability.

Ultimately, in the matter of ethics, it is most important on a personal level.  As the owner of Happy Soul, a customer service focused retailer, online with a physical store located in Toronto Canada, I do my best to treat staff well and act with integrity in all business transactions.  I collect taxes on all purchases as I believe that leads to us living in a better country.  I do my best to spread love and light and expand that practice to every part of the product sourcing journey.

People contact us asking if we are certified ethical and crystal fair trade? We are working on it! Besides being an heart based endeavor, we want to counter the increasing amount of click bate and fear mongering about crystals that we are seeing on the internet that are portraying crystals and their sources in a negative way.

As a Spiritual Business focused on helping people energetically, our team at Happy Soul is highly sensitive to the need to improve how crystals and metaphysical products are sourced from the earth and how they make their way to our customer’s home. Currently, there is no Official Ethical Crystal Foundation to regulate international and enforce fare trade and eco practices. This is why Happy Soul makes it our highest priority to do what ever we can to make some difficult decisions that are not always cost effective on how we source our crystals. We have detailed conversations with our partners about where thy got their products and what they are doing to improve the practices and conditions. We outreach to locals and look to our customers for education and guidance. We truly believe that crystals are a gift that are helping to raise the worlds vibration and heal all of us in this difficult time in humanity’s history.


Standards We Support:

  • Mining processes of crystals are ethical/eco-friendly
  • Follow International laws
  • Help protect local wildlife.
  • No Slave or Child Labor Practices
  • Communication and education with our wholesales/vendors and mine owners on what they are doing to improve the conditions of workers and the environment in this industry along with improving the world as a whole.
  • Giving back to local communities and healing the environment from where the crystals were taken
  • A Living wage in store & all supplier chains


Many of our suppliers are crystal wholesalers who sell mostly to retail business and have spent years developing sources a strong integrity reputation.  They visit Brazil, India, Morocco and other countries, visiting mines, meeting prospectors and dealers and have documented them in photos/videos and journaling that can be seen in their dusty offices. One of our favorite suppliers work with villages to help them develop a mining business and contribute to the welfare of the community.  Many dealers indicate the country of source for each crystals and if asked might tell you the specific mine it comes from.  Others don’t list the country of origin and we try and look for other sources.

Two Vendors we are proud to source from:

Natures Artifacts: that is working hard to improve the quality of life for Pakistani locals, sourcing stones and making salt lamps fair-trade. Along with Donating to Charities in Brazil to build hospitals. Click here to visit them

Nharo African Minerals: Focuses on going directly to remote villages and creating a relationship and developing co-ops in sourcing stones and artisan pieces so that they are fairly compensated, and the practice is renewable. They teach locals to build small business and currently prioritizes working with all women owned mines. Click here to visit them

Stories from Our Suppliers:

“Our clear quartz geodes come from a supplier has a good business relationship with the supplier in the Sudan.  They started the business when they we taking advantage of a government farming initiative to take back the desert.  While plowing, they kept running in to large boulders, which they would toss aside, until they realized they had value.  Now they sell thousands of geodes a year to Canada, Japan and other countries.”


“A individual Crystal Hunter/Supplier, went from village to village in Columbia, talking to the villages and asking about local mines.  He found a small village where a family has a tiny mine in the hill behind their farm, where they dig out brilliant lemurian quartz points.  He pays them a high price for the crystals.”


“One dealer trades mostly in Africa where he chooses to not work with large mines and only deals with village mines owned and operated by villages, often owned by women.  He pays enough so the village can prosper.”


“One Vendor co-owes a small mine in Brazil, so profits are shared, and he has some oversight of the mine to ensure high standards.”

“Another source is working with a dealer in India who has become a friend and every three years they send runners to villages.  The debris that the villages routine digs of the wells is examined as they can indicate a vein of Apophyllite this helps the village develop a new business”


Thank You for Supporting Happy Soul on our Journey

Diane Kewley

Happy Soul CEO/Founder