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Kids & Families

Happy Soul: A Family-Friendly Sanctuary for Spiritual Growth

Welcoming Families and Children to Explore, Learn, and Grow Together!



At Happy Soul, nestled in the heart of Toronto with locations near Dovercourt and Bloor and on Queen Street West, we embrace the vibrancy and curiosity of young minds.

Our vision extends beyond providing spiritual tools and crystals; we strive to foster a nurturing environment where families can embark on their spiritual journey together.

Discover why Happy Soul is the perfect place for you and your little ones to explore the wonders of spirituality in a fun, safe, and welcoming atmosphere.


Cultivating Young Spirits

Children are naturally attuned to the magic of the universe, possessing an innate curiosity and openness to the world's wonders. At Happy Soul, we believe in nurturing this connection, offering a space where children and families can:

Explore Together: Wander through our collection of crystals, spiritual tools, and books, designed to spark joy and curiosity in hearts young and old.

Learn and Grow: Participate in family-friendly workshops and events, from crystal discovery sessions to interactive storytelling, tailored to engage young minds and foster spiritual growth.


Features That Make Us Family-Friendly:

Safe and Engaging Environment: Our stores are designed with families in mind, ensuring a safe, comfortable space for children to explore and engage.

Educational Tools and Kits: Discover our selection of child-friendly crystals, educational kits, and books, perfect for introducing the little ones to the beauty of crystals and their energies.

Community-Building Events: Join our family-oriented workshops and events, where parents and children can learn, grow, and create lasting memories together.


Hear From Our Happy Families

"Happy Soul has become a cherished destination for our family. The kids love learning about crystals and participating in the workshops. It's wonderful to see them so engaged and excited about spirituality." - The Thompson Family 🌟

"We always feel so welcomed at Happy Soul. It's a space where we can explore our spiritual journey as a family, and the kids always look forward to our visits." - The Patel Family 🌈


Bring Your Family to Happy Soul

Are you ready to foster your family's spiritual journey in a space that celebrates learning, growth, and community? Visit us at Happy Soul, where every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, is welcomed with open arms.


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Join Us at Happy Soul

Where families grow together, spirits shine brighter, and the journey into spirituality becomes a shared adventure. Welcome to the Happy Soul family - your sanctuary for spiritual growth and communal harmony. 💜