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Unlock Your Ultimate Healing Journey with Happy Soul's Premium Reiki Events and Crystal Reiki Products"


Immerse yourself in an ethereal world of holistic well-being with Happy Soul's unique Reiki events and specialized Crystal Reiki products. Witness the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern spirituality, all carefully curated for transformative experiences.


"Are you on a quest to discover the profound depths of holistic well-being? Do you yearn to unite body, mind, and spirit in perfect harmony? Welcome to Happy Soul—your portal to an enriching and enlightening journey that transcends the ordinary. As Toronto's luminary in spiritually-imbued experiences and products, Happy Soul presents an awe-inspiring range of Reiki events and Crystal Reiki products exclusively for you. We go beyond traditional offerings, blending the ancient art of Reiki with the metaphysical power of ethically-sourced, high-vibrational crystals. In a crowded wellness market, our Reiki experiences stand out as lighthouses of authenticity, depth, and unprecedented energy alignment."

Why Choose Happy Soul's Reiki and Crystal Reiki Collection?

 Distinctive Features and Unmatched Benefits



Unique Benefit

Expert-Led Reiki Events

Guided by experienced Reiki masters trained in both Usui and Crystal Reiki traditions.

Ensures holistic and authentic healing experiences.

High-Quality Crystals

Ethically sourced crystals, selected based on astrological insights and spiritual wisdom.

Adds an additional layer of energetic alignment to your Reiki practice.


Customized Reiki sessions and crystal kits tailored to individual needs.

Addresses your unique energy and healing requirements.


Limited-edition Crystal Reiki sets and VIP access to select Reiki events.

Offers a curated, intimate, and highly impactful experience.


Swift and secure shipping across Canada, with efficient customer support.

Eliminates barriers to your spiritual journey.


Featured Reiki Events and Products:

Themed Reiki Healing Circles

An immersive group experience led by seasoned Reiki masters.

Each circle is themed around a specific chakra or astrological event for heightened alignment.

Crystal Reiki Masterclasses

In-depth sessions exploring the synergy between crystals and Reiki.

Includes a specialized Crystal Reiki kit with detailed usage guides.

Reiki-Infused Crystal Kits

Complete sets of pre-charged crystals with detailed guidebooks.

Ideal for enhancing your personal or professional Reiki practice.

Online & In-Person Reiki Certification Programs (Coming Soon)

Get certified in Usui or Crystal Reiki from the comfort of your home or at our downtown Toronto Location.

Courses available for all levels: Reiki I, II, and Master/Teacher.

Ready to Embark on a Transformative Reiki Journey with Happy Soul?

Contact us today or shop directly from our Shopify collection to find the perfect Reiki event or Crystal Reiki product designed with your ultimate well-being in mind.

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Reiki Events and Crystal Reiki Products

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