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How to Clean Your Crystals

How to Clean Your Crystals

Your crystals absorb a lot of energy (especially if you work with them often!) so it’s important to clean and re-charge them on a regular basis. Luckily there are lots of ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, and here are just a few of our favourites.

Sound: using a singing bowl or a tuning fork is a great way to energetically cleanse and charge your crystals. Gently tap or play your favourite singing bowl and hold it over the crystal you’re charging, visualizing your intention for it. Hold it in place until you feel that the crystal’s energy has been renewed, or until the sound dissipates. Repeat this process as often as needed.

Water: water washes away unwanted energies and magnifies intentions, which is why a shower feels so good after a long day! Some crystals can be cleansed and charged by holding them under lukewarm running water, while visualizing your intentions. Just beware that water can be damaging to some crystals that have heavy metal or salt content.

Moonlight: placing your crystals them outside or on your windowsill during a full moon is a great way to cleanse and charge them. This method works particularly well for crystals that are meant to amplify and expand your intuition like selenite, moonstone and amethyst.

Sunlight: placing your crystals in the sunlight for a few hours at certain times of the day can help amplify your intentions for them. Placing them outside at dawn is great for facilitating new beginnings, while letting them soak up the noonday sun will charge them with the energies of confidence and self-esteem. And of course, placing your crystals outside or on a window sill where they can catch the setting sun will cleanse and charge them with the perfect vibrations for releasing and letting go.

Candlelight: the warming, light-giving energies of a candle flame are perfect for charging your crystals, especially those that resonate with the energies of fire. Place your crystal beside a lit candle or (carefully!) hold it over the candle so it can catch the warmth and light of the flickering flame.

Sagelight a bundle of sage and pass your crystals through the smoke to clear away all unwanted energies. This also works with palo santo and incense, but sage is widely regarded as being the most effective energetic cleanser!

Earth: burying your crystals under a tree, in the garden or in the pot of a house plant allows Mother Earth to absorb and transmute all the unwanted energies that they’ve picked up. This works particularly well with grounding stones like red jasper and black tourmaline!

Wind: moving air can get rid of unwanted energies and restore your crystals back to their natural balance. Place your crystals outside on a windy day (as long as they’re big enough to not get blown s away!) to cleanse and re-charge them. This works particularly well with crystals that resonate with the element of Air, like blue apatite and fluorite.

Meteor shower: this is the best way to cleanse high-vibrational crystals like moldavite, tektite and Herkimer diamond. Check to see when the next meteor shower is scheduled to happen in your area, and place your crystals outside or on a windowsill overnight to cleanse and charge them with energy from the Universe.

Pyramids: pyramid shapes direct the flow of energy upwards, and they can clear and charge your crystals by “sucking out” all the unwanted energies from them so that fresh energy can flow in. Place your crystals in the middle of a copper pyramid for a few hours to allow them to cleanse and regenerate!

Selenite: some crystals can cleanse and charge other crystals and selenite is one of them! Place your crystals on a selenite log, bowl or charging plate to rid them of unwanted energies and charge them up again. Pro tip: you can also use selenite wands and logs to cleanse your own aura!

Visualization: and, finally, if you need to clean your crystals in a hurry and don’t have anything with you, you can cleanse and re-charge them by visualizing a white light washing over them, cleansing them of negative energies and bathing them in Divine light.


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  • Meghan Sandor