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Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Celebrate Mother's Day by showing your love and appreciation through a selection of spiritually uplifting gifts from Happy Soul! Our gift guide includes items for self-care, spiritual guidance, accessorizing, and home décor, to provide a magical and meaningful celebration for every mother.


A special Mothers Day Free Gift comes with all purchases over $75 In-Stores and Online: Rose Quartz Bath Salt Blend! From May 1st - May 12th


🌸 Self Care:

Crystal Facial Rollers: Enhance your mother's skincare routine with the soothing and rejuvenating properties of crystal facial rollers. Perfect for reducing puffiness and promoting relaxation. Shop Crystal Facial Rollers

🛁 Bath Salts:

Luxurious Crystal Bath Salts: Pamper her with a blend of mineral-rich bath salts, infused with crystals to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Perfect for a spa-like experience at home. Shop Bath Salts


🔮 Oracle Card Decks: 

Moon Goddess Oracle Deck: Connect with the divine feminine through the Moon Goddess Oracle Deck, a perfect tool for intuitive guidance and personal growth. Explore Here

The Rose Oracle: Delve into the symbolic world of roses to uncover messages of love and spiritual insight with The Rose Oracle. Discover More

Goddess Oracle Deck: Empower and inspire with the Goddess Oracle Deck, featuring beautifully illustrated cards that celebrate feminine energy. View Here


🏡 Décor:

Vintage Teacup Soy Candle: Brighten up her living space with a charming vintage teacup candle, topped with crystal confetti for an added touch of magic. See Details

🗿 Carved Crystals:

Angels and Hearts: Gift a symbol of love and protection with beautifully carved crystal angels and hearts. Browse Angels | Browse Hearts

Generators and Stars: Energize any room with crystal generators or stars, perfect for creating a positive and harmonious environment. Shop Generators | Shop Stars


💍 Jewelry:

Elegant Necklaces and Bracelets: Choose from a variety of crystal necklaces and bracelets to complement her style and provide energetic benefits. Explore Necklaces | Explore Bracelets

Clear Quartz Bracelet: Known for its healing properties, this bracelet is a staple for clarity and energy. View Clear Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quartz and Pearls: A beautiful combination of rose quartz and pearls, ideal for nurturing love and tenderness. View Rose Quartz and Pearls

Rainbow Hematite Bracelet: Add a splash of color and strength with the vibrant rainbow hematite bracelet. View Rainbow Hematite

Dazzling Earrings: Complete her look with a pair of exquisite crystal earrings, offering both beauty and energetic properties. Shop Earrings


🕯️ Aromatherapy:

Candles and Incense: Create a soothing atmosphere with our selection of scented candles and incense, perfect for relaxation and meditation. Browse Candles | Browse Incense


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