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Intuition Meditation To Develop and Deepen your Spiritual Connection

Intuition Meditation To Develop and Deepen your Spiritual Connection

The Soulful Path to Intuition Meditation

Hello beautiful souls, my name is Sabrina Mabel, and I am so humbled to have the opportunity to be a Meditation teacher and facilitator at Happy Soul. 

My heart is inclined to share with you my personal journey and how I came to offer others a sacred safe space to uncover their own spiritual gifts and power. 

As you read my story, I invite you to look for yourself where perhaps our paths have similar themes of disconnection and need for spiritual re-connection.

A Seed Was Planted

 When I was a child, I had a vivid imagination: my sister and I would transform into small furry animals, make potions with dandelions, and have adventures climbing trees. I was obsessed with faeries and convinced that I was a witch with powers to be ignited. As a child I was naturally present, attuned with all my senses, and was in touch with the power of visualization. I would have vivid dreams of entities and other realities, and lived a life of endless possibilities. 

Dormant Roots

Unfortunately, as I grew into my teens, and logic set in, I became afraid of spirituality, and pushed away my intuitive abilities. Anxiety grew within me combined with depression and emotional suppression; and rather than going back to joyful magical childhood memories, I became enthralled with logic, philosophy and morality. This was the beginning of spiritual disconnection and silent suffering.

As a young adult, now deep into social conditioning, I wanted to follow society’s demands of earning a degree, starting a career, and getting married. I was convinced this would make me happy. However, as I reached milestones, completing my B.Ed., getting a permanent teaching position, and holding onto a serious relationship, I only felt more loneliness and unfulfillment.

In complete honesty, at that time, I was diagnosed with mental health difficulties and did not have the mental and emotional capacity to take on any more responsibilities. However, I continued to say yes to every opportunity, believing this was what was expected of me. In hindsight, this was the aftermath of becoming disconnected from intuitive spirituality and only listening to my harsh ego mentality.

Germinating and Growing

Fortunately, an inner child stirring within me, was determined to discover natural remedies as traditional medicine and counselling did not serve me fully.  During my Master of Education in Development Psychology, I was naturally inclined to enroll in courses related to Spirituality, Mindful Compassion and Holistic Education. I had teachers who believed in the power of embodying their practices, and I was encouraged to practice meditation and visualization.  

Simultaneously, I was introduced to Reiki; and I was completing my training as a Usui Master Teacher: I rediscovered my intuitive spiritual abilities. My third eye was re-awaked, and I began to see sacred symbols everywhere. It became clear that holistic healing and teaching was a soul journey meant for me.

A Flower Blooming

In 2020, I mustered the courage to leave my primary school teaching job, and began my own business. Through my own enterprise, Sacred Soul Melody, I taught Mindful Compassion, Reiki and Intuitive Chakra Meditations. I discovered the natural inclination to teach others how to tap into sacred visions, spiritual inclinations, and soulful journeys. This is when I fully surrendered to being in service as a Soul Coach and Reiki Meditation teacher.

Planting Seeds Together

Today, I am incredibly excited to be teaching Intuition Meditation at Happy Soul. This workshop teaches you the power of tapping into the wisdom of your emotions, body, mind and energy to live a life of soulful tranquility and well-being.

If you have been feeling disconnected, emotionally overwhelmed, mentally drained, or even physically exhausted, I want to personally invite you to join us and discover for yourself the power of your intuitive abilities in healing and empowering your soulful being. 

This workshop is taking place February 9th at 7pm EST on Zoom. I will be your Meditation teacher and guide, honoured to support you into developing and deepening your intuition and spiritual connection. I look forward to connecting and seeing you there!

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