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10 Reasons Why We Love Petrified Wood

10 Reasons Why We Love Petrified Wood
  1. It reminds us of fairies! Nothing screams enchanted forest! Like a stump of petrified wood with some tree agate or spirit quartz gridded around it. If you were a fairy, wouldn’t you want to hang out here?
  2. It’s grounding and soothing. Meditating with a piece of petrified wood brings the feeling of walking through an old-growth forest with your bare feet on the cool, soft ground. If you don’t live near a forest, grab a piece of petrified wood and you’ll feel like you’re forest bathing in no time!
  3. It’s an example of how amazing mama earth really is. Petrified wood is formed when the organic matter inside trees breaks down, crystallizes and turns into quartz (and sometimes even opal!) over time. What better example of the transformative magic of the earth?
  4. It looks like it’ll last forever. This is no fragile decoration that will break in a few months! Just like diamonds, petrified wood is forever (except we think it’s much more beautiful and unique than diamonds…) 
  5. It reminds us to go back to our roots once in a while. There’s a story that if you meditate with a slice of petrified wood, you’ll be reminded of where you came from...both in this life, and in the lives you’ve lived before. 
  6. It’s beautiful. This one is self-explanatory. I mean, just look at it! 
  7. It reminds us that good things take time. It took millions and millions of years for each slice of petrified wood to form, and it reminds us that it also takes a lot of patience and persistence to reach our goals...but we’ll get there! 
  8. It reminds us of the strength and beauty of trees. Trees are AMAZING. Not only do they provide food, fuel and shelter for countless creatures and critters, they’re also the lungs of the planet, cleaning the air and pumping it full of oxygen. Trees literally breathe for us. 
  9. Trees get along with everyone. They’re peaceful, non-judgemental and they feed pass nutrients to other trees through their interlocking root systems. Now that’s unconditional love! 
  10. It connects the root chakra with the crown chakra. You can only reach as high as your roots go deep, and meditating with a piece of petrified wood reminds us that the more grounded and secure we feel, the better able we are to pursue our spiritual growth and reach new levels of insight and awareness.


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