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5 Calming Crystals For Stress

5 Calming Crystals For Stress

Bills. Responsibilities. Family. Life. Do you feel stressed just by thinking about those things? I definitely do! I find calming crystals have been my saving grace in the past few years and I have taken advantage of it to help destress. There’s well over 200 crystals to choose from, so how you may ask, do you know which calming crystals are best for stress? Here are five amazing crystal options to help manage stress!


 Raw Fuchsite

Everyone needs strong positive energy in their life, and that’s exactly what Fuchsite will do for you! It’s great especially for trauma or stressful situations and guiding you into the goodness of life. Whether you’re looking to work through your emotions and trauma or just looking to smile some more, Raw Fuchsite is the crystal for you.

 Smoky Quartz Cluster 

For many, finding ways to cope with your stress is important. A great way to destress is to gently ground yourself and your root chakra. Smoky Quartz will do just that! This crystal is great for raising your vibration while grounding you as well. This crystal is sized perfectly so that you can carry around with you throughout your day! The more of the Smoky Quartz Clusters you have, the more powerful the vibrations and energy will be.

 Raw Rainbow Moonstone 

Moonstone is a must for destressing! Unlike many other crystals, the energy from a Raw Rainbow Moonstone will actually guide you right out of your stressful situations and support you through your difficult times and experiences. Not only will it help with stress, but it will actually help you in transitioning your time and energy into more joyous experiences! This is a great energy crystal for shifting into new energies and life styles.

 Sodalite Tumble

Are you finding with stress you’re struggling to see the beauty and greatness that you are? Sodalite is calling for you! Sodalite is all about guiding you in the direction to find the confidence within yourself regardless of stressful lifestyles. Sodalite has such strong energy that this crystal will actually guide you to push through the difficult times all while providing you the inner strength and confidence that is within you. This crystal relates to the throat chakra and uncovers the happiness within and around you.

Raw Red Jasper 

Red Jasper is a crystal that often gets forgotten. Red Jasper is not recognized as a crystal that helps with stress, but it definitely does! Red Jasper is a calming and grounding stone that will help with the heaviness of stressful situations! The calming energy from the crystal is felt best when holding the crystal in the palm of your hands and squeezing your hand shut. Red Jasper also boosts your confidence, who doesn’t love that!

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  • Jenn Bheemsingh