5 Crystals for Setting Intentions in 2022

5 Crystals for Setting Intentions in 2022

There’s no better time than now to start thinking about your New Years Resolutions! Setting intentions for 2022 will set you up for success, growth and prosperity, what more could you want! Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what you would like to set your intentions to for the new year. It can also be difficult sometimes to manifest the intentions or determine what path you should be taking with your intentions. Not to worry! Here are 5 crystals that will help you manifest your goals and set the right intentions to boost your energy for 2022.




Eudialyte is an energy crystal that isn’t spoken about often! This is an energy crystal that is useful when you’re seeking a transformation. Eudialyte crystals help you achieve your goals by giving you energy. Sometimes, the goal itself is to create your intentions and goals and with the energy of this crystal you’ll have an optimistic outlook on goal setting along with reminding you of your amazing talents! Eudialyte is great for goal setting, for journaling, and for all around creating intentions for 2022.




Setting intentions for 2022 can be difficult and therefore will lead you to procrastinating to avoid the fact that it is time to make those goals. Sunstone helps with overcoming procrastination. This might be a crystal that you want to hold onto for the entire year of 2022 to keep yourself productive and on top of things at all times! With this energy crystal, with the prevention of procrastination, there’s a better chance of witnessing achievements in your journey!


Blue Aventurine:

Looking for a stone with best intentions? Blue Aventurine is the one for you! With goal setting and creating intentions, it is important to trust yourself and the process. Blue Aventurine is an energy crystal that will encourage you to confidently speak your truth. This is a great energy crystal when you’re seeking boosts of energies in your seven chakras. Following your inner guidance can sometimes be hard to do, Blue Aventurine will channel the energies to help you with this as well. This is a crystal that is worth having around you when journaling and setting intentions and goals.



Let’s be honest, for many of you, setting the intentions of bringing in wealth and prosperity into your life will be a common goal. Citrine is known as the crystal that helps with manifesting and attracting wealth, prosperity, and will help your positivity. If you know right away that your intentions for 2022 are going to be based around budgeting, better spending and saving money, citrine is the energy crystal you want by your side. Budgeting can be perceived as a negative task, with the positivity that citrine will bring to you and your aura, you will jump into 2022 with such a positive mindset to achieve your intentions!



Amethyst is one of the most well-known energy crystals to date. Everyone has heard of amethyst and for a good reason, it is a great energy crystal! When setting intentions for 2022, it is important to have a good sense of intuition to lead you to the best suited path for yourself. Amethyst increases the spirituality and enhances the intuition and psychic powers. If an intention for 2022 is to meditate and have better sleep, Amethyst also helps with this along with releasing negative patterns!

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