5 Crystals to Get You Through the Seasonal Blues

5 Crystals to Get You Through the Seasonal Blues

With season blues in full effect, it can be difficult to stay positive and energetic. Days are shorter and the nights are longer. Some of us may be over sleeping, and some of us may not be able to sleep at all due to seasonal blues. It’s normal! It’s important to recognize you’re doing your best. Sometimes a little help can go a long way! With low energy during your day, why not incorporate crystal energies to help get you through those seasonal blues? These are your five go to energy crystals to help you get through the seasonal blues of shorter days and longer nights!



Bloodstone is an energy crystal that will give you the proper courage to be present in your everyday life. Seasonal blues can result in endless thoughts. Bloodstone will help in revitalizing the mind and relieve you from mental exhaustion. Bloodstone is a great crystal to have when you need a little bit of assistance in bringing attention to what you are not paying enough attention to. This is important especially with seasonal blues as we sometimes dismiss what we don’t think needs attention!



Sunstone is an energy crystal that speaks for itself. With the shorter days, we’re lacking sunlight and a lot of light and airy energy! Sunstone will make you feel like a plant and give you the energy you need to lift the dark moods especially throughout this period. Sunstone is best to be carried around with you as it will help with giving you the grounding energy you need along with giving you the sun that you crave to soak up!


Moss Agate

Moss Agate is all about new beginnings and growth! During this season, it can sometimes be difficult to determine purposes in your life which leads to fear. Moss Agate is a great energy crystal that can be used to help release fears and help you seek out and determine the new purposes of your life! This energy crystal is also perfect for repairing trust which is great all year round when going through transformative phases.



With seasonal blues, it can be difficult to find calmness in your everyday life. Everything is heightened with emotions and it feels like there is not a time in the day for you to feel like you’ve accomplished enough. These thoughts can be overwhelming! Amber is a perfect fossilized resin that carries life force. It helps with soothing your wellbeing which is great for this time of year!


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is an energy crystal that provides a sense of security by absorbing unwanted thoughts and electro-magnetic energy and is connected to the root chakra. Sense of security is important during season blues especially since it can be hard to vision it with a fogged mindset. It is also easy to let unwanted thoughts in, which helps with keeping a positive mindset throughout this season.