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9 Crystals for Empaths

9 Crystals for Empaths

Empaths are such a powerful and spiritual gift to have. If all individuals had the ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of other individuals, our world would be such a happier place to live in! While empaths are available to support others, sometimes support is needed for the empath! Crystals are great energy healers to support empaths. With such powerful crystal energy, empaths will feel recharged and ready to share their beautiful gift with the world. While there are so many energy crystals that will provide support, these 9 crystals are definitely go-to’s for empaths!



Obsidian crystals are known to be a protective crystal, this is entirely true! Protective crystals like the Obsidian are great for empaths especially because you are allowing yourself to feel the emotions of other individuals. Obsidian’s energy will protect you from anger by simply dissolving that energy along with criticism and fear. When supporting individuals emotionally, fear can sometimes seep in and can create a negative headspace for you. Obsidian will destroy the fear and keep you protected from any possible negative energies influencing you and your thoughts.


 Bumblebee Jasper 

Empaths have the beautiful gift of providing support to individuals. Sometimes, with this gift, it can be difficult to stay positive. Bumblebee Jasper is the perfect addition to your crystal collection and a great energy crystal to have with you at all times! Bumblebee Jasper helps with adjusting to changes in your life and assists you with making changes for yourself and your surroundings as well. This energy crystal also gives you the confidence and ability to see the positivity which is very useful with such a strong gift as an empath!



Rhodonite is an energy crystal that isn’t talked about often. Rhodonite crystals are ideal for empaths because they help ground your heart chakra energy. As empaths, you give all of your heart into these individuals that you want to help and sometimes forget to leave some love and support for yourself. Rhodonite will bring you love energy for you to ground and heal your own heart!



Lepidolite is such a powerful energy crystal that will shift your energy positively. As empaths, it can be difficult to find inner peace after providing support to others around you. You deserve to feel that support as well after sharing your gift! Lepidolite is a crystal that relates to the third eye chakra and will provide you with the calming and inner peace feeling that you deserve. The support you feel from these crystals will leave you wanting more and more Lepidolite!



Selenite is the absolute best crystal to have for you no matter what the situation is, but especially as an empath. Selenite are one of those unique crystals that everyone should know about. This energy crystal not only cleans your auras, but it cleanses your surroundings, your space, and even other crystals. As an empath, cleansing your auras is important, it is a way to recharge and feel cleansed again. Selenite is great to have before and after meeting with those who are seeking support from you!



Charoite is an energy crystal that will support your third eye chakra. Charoite is not a crystal many mentions when it comes to support for empaths, however, I think it is a powerful crystal especially for the gifts of an empath because is reduces tension in the third eye. With supporting so many others in the day, there could be a build up of negative or unwanted tension. Charoite will cleanse and clear the third eye for you and will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.


Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli are one of those crystals that everyone should have with them. As an empath, you are willing to give all of you to resonate with the individual about how they’re feeling. With this, you can sometimes feel like you no longer have enough left for you or that you yourself is not enough. These thoughts can flow pretty often especially as an empath. With that being said, Lapis Lazuli crystals encourage the feeling that you already are enough and that you have enough. Lapis also encourages peace and knowledge which again, will help you when you’re sharing your gifts!


Rainbow Fluorite 

Rainbow Fluorite corresponds to the third eye chakra. For empaths especially, crystals that correspond to the third eye chakra will be beneficial for you! As empaths, you are able to feel the emotional and mental feelings from other individuals. In order to do this, you need to have clarity beforehand! Fluorite brings mental clarity and concentration to help get things done! Rainbow fluorite is the perfect energy crystal for before and during a session with an individual.


Black Kyanite 

Black Kyanite is a favourite amongst energy healers and works with all the chakras! This energy crystal opens the lines of communication between people which is great for when you’re trying to connect with an individual on an emotional and mental level. This is a crystal that you want to have with you during sessions or while sharing your gift with others. Black Kyanite is a crystal that is used for grounding during a chakra alignment or meditation.

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  • Jenn Bheemsingh