Aquarius Perspective Power

Aquarius Perspective Power

Date: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Chakra: Root

Planet: Uranus

Constellation: The Water-Bearer  

Crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Pyrite

Element: Air

Key words:

Birth Stone: Amethyst

You march to the beat of your own drum and encourage others to do the same. For this rebellious Water Bearer, rules are meant to be broken. Constantly challenging outdated conversations and old ways of thinking. When we connect to the energy of Aquarius, we are pushed away from familiar concepts towards shocking revelations that shake the foundation of our beliefs.

Aquarius moves us beyond our personal perspective and unites us with the collective consciousness. This sign believes the world can be transformed into a place of fairness and tolerance if we work together.

It is now time to set your ego aside and focus on the group, the water bearer teaches us that we are all part of a larger community, where it’s a family, neighbourhood, or the planet itself. This time of year encourages us to challenge our way of thinking, to go deeper into our unconscious and find solutions that benefit us. 


  • Amethyst – focus on the path ahead, filter out distractions. This stone promotes clarity and peace of mind. Amethyst helps you draw strength from being open and accepting, improving communication and boosting productivity
  • Aquamarine – great fore meditation and helps quieten the mind, facilitating communication from higher planes
  • Pyrite – It is masculine in nature, a stone of action, vitality and will, and taps into one’s abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas. It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion


Aquarius lends you its abilities to understand vibrations of all kinds, and knowing how to bring the disharmonious back int the balance. It is time to connect to your intuition, to balance your views so your vision and intensions can remain clear. Listen to others views without rushing to form an opinion to be a more effective leader.