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Black Tourmaline Crystal Showcase

Black Tourmaline Crystal Showcase
Also known as Schorl

A stone associated with the Roman god Saturn. Black Tourmaline acts as a cleaner of negativity for yourself and your surroundings.

Chakra: Root
Type: Silicate (semi-precious)
From: Brazil, Africa, Pakistan
Emotional: Soothes anxiety, stress and releases chronic worry. Has the ability to transmute and purify negative energy.
Zodiac: Astrological Sign of Libra and Scorpio
Using the Crystal: Can be used to realign chakras. Also used as protection for one’s energy fields by absorbing negative thoughts and anger.

*Note: Black Tourmaline will help clear the effects of EMF within your Aura energy, however does not protect against EMF

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  • Joey Wargachuk