Cancer- Intuitive Magic

Cancer- Intuitive Magic

Cancer- Intuitive Magic

Date: June 21 – July 22
Chakra: Third Eye
Planet: Moon
Constellation: Crab
Crystals: Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Jet, Botswana Agate
Element: Water
Key words: Imaginative, Sympathetic, Intuitive, Caring,
Birth Stone: Ruby

Symbolized by the Crab and ruled by the motherly moon,
this compassionate, nurturing by nature and caring sign is
guided by the tide of its emotions. Sensitive yet strong and
fiercely ambitious (Cancer is a Cardinal sign), Cancer energy
helps us become the keeper of our emotions and the anchor of
our shell.
Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of people born under this
sign is that they are highly intuitive when it comes to the needs
of others. Like a safe harbour where boats can take shelter,
Cancer provides a secure and calm place for people both to
escape and rest and draw strength and inspiration from.
Their motivation in life is the pursuit of happiness because they
believe that the happier people are, the more productive and
fulfilled they will be.

• Moonstone - Connects to moon energy and increases
intuition. This gentle, ethereal stone is connected to the
moon, Cancer’s ruling planet which is perfect for
illuminating your feelings, encourages reflection and
• Rose Quartz - Fosters universal love, inner peace,
tranquillity and self-care. Rose Quartz facilitates heart-
healing and focuses your energy to love on all levels
• Jet - Raises Cancer’s vibration while gently grounding,
protecting and reducing stress
• Botswana Agate - Heals emotional wounds so you can
move past them.

For all creative projects and ventures,
injecting logic and focus to bring projects into reality
Cancer teaches us that establishing boundaries is not only a
powerful act of self-care, but that the sacred space we hold for
ourselves, and our feelings, is what allows us to grow and
When we attune to Cancer energy and the depths of our inner
world, we are able to reach the most vulnerable and intimate
parts of ourselves and tap into our intuitive magic.

Cancer Meditation with Moonstone
Before you start the meditation, cleanse your crystal. Find your
inner anchor by meditating with Moonstone from the Zodiac
Cancer Set. If you are sitting, hold your Moonstone in your
hands. If you are lying down, you can place your Moonstone
over your Third Eye chakra, the space between your brows.
Gently close your eyes.
Take a deep breath in through nose and exhale through your
Again inhale, exhale through your mouth.
One more time, take a long deep breath in through your nose
and exhale through your mouth.
Allow your breath to adjust to your natural rhythm.
Another day has passed, the sun has set into the horizon and
the moon overlooks the night sky. You are captivated by the
moonlight as it radiates towards you.
If any distractions, thoughts or emotions come to the surface,
release them to the stars.
Shift your awareness and be present to the radiance of the
As your body relaxes, you are open to receiving messages that
will lead you to deeper insights.
What are the messages from the moon?
The glowing moon reminds you that you are aligned with your
intuition. Its powerful energy brings you to follow your natural
gifts and boundless potential.
The moon thanks you for your loving grace and reminds you to
bring the selfless love you share with others back to yourself.
Moonstone connects you with divine inspiration. A bright
sphere of white light extends throughout your entire body
gently cleansing any blockages and attachments that no longer
serve you to cultivate your inner strength and embark on new
beginnings that encourage growth and magnify your true
The serene energy of Moonstone balances the emotional body
and brings you to a calm centre.
Take as long as you need.
When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to the present.
Gently open your eyes. Lay down your Moonstone crystal.
Wiggle your arms and toes. Return to your day feeling
enlightened and rejuvenated. Light your favourite candle and
pamper yourself with your Rose Quartz stone from the Zodiac
Cancer Set.

- Alitzia Tyminski

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