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Capricorn - Reach Your Summit of Success.

Capricorn - Reach Your Summit of Success.


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Chakra: Root

Planet: Saturn

Constellation: The Goat Mountain

Crystals: Azurite, Garnet, Peridot

Element: Earth

Key words: Ambition, bravery, discipline, grounding, loyalty, responsibility

Birth Stone: Garnet, Onyx

This ambitions earth sign represents the mastery of the physical world, and is characterized by their steely grit and a relentless drive to achieve. The journey for the Goat is a long, difficult and sometimes solemn one, but Capricorn overcomes its greatest obstacles of its environment to reach a summit of success.

Heightened energies from Capricorn means now is the best time to tackle difficult projects. Capricorns determined energy gives you the patience and perseverance to tackle any insurmountable task. Harness these energies, push yourself to new levels of endurance mentally and physically. Now is the time to strengthen your resolve and not stopping until you’ve reached the top.

Being of a practical and efficient nature, others may mistake you for being cold or calculating when in fact you are quite sensitive.  Allow your feelings to naturally rise to the surface without judgement or restriction can make you more aware of your inner needs. 

  • Azurite – A natural long-term prosperity giver, it is also good for older people living alone. It helps maintain independence, metal alertness and physical health
  • Garnet – Protective, brings stability and grounds you, helping you release anxiety and hesitation. Manifest abundance in the physical realm
  • Peridot – naturally protective against envy, gossip or people who deceive you. It is also very affective in amplifying Reiki energies

Capricorns’ spirit transforms our biggest hardship into our greatest rewards, knowing that the struggles we experience are what ultimately leads us to prevail. There is nothing wrong with high expectations but make sure you remain kind and forgiving to yourself.

Your relentless drive can set heavy expectations and immense pressures to succeed. This is the perfect time of the year for Capricorn to move forward with everything you got when it comes to your career or business.


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  • Joey Wargachuk