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Crystal Healing in your Home with Tania Richardson

Crystal Healing in your Home with Tania Richardson

Crystal Healing in your Home

Tania will be hosting a live 1 Day Workshop with Happy Soul on Saturday January 22nd at 2pm est on a more in-depth conversation about Crystal Healing in your Home!


Why use crystals at home?

The transition to normalcy has changed the way we work and live. We have adapted to bringing our work into our sacred living environments and blurred the lines between our work/life balance. Balancing energy in our homes has never been more important. Utilizing the power of crystals in our sacred living spaces can help to harmonize the new work from home lifestyle.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years by Healers and Shaman alike. Crystals have powerful vibrations. Incorporating them into our living spaces we can create a harmonious environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle, helps to manifest desires, and provides high vibrations for your mind, body, and soul. Understanding how energy flows and learning how to harness this energy with crystals in your home can be life changing!


Tania’s Top 3 Crystals at Home

Black Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for grounding and protection. Place a piece outside of each entrance to your living space. This will help to ground and protect any outside energy coming into your sacred space. In your wi-fi zones, black tourmaline is great for EMF protection.

 is exceptional for calming anxiety, protection, transformation, and strength. Labradorite can be utilized in many rooms around your home. Place a piece of labradorite inside each of your entrances for further energetic protection. In your workspace labradorite can help you to communicate effectively and attain your goals. In the bedroom, it can help you achieve a restful night’s sleep as it soothes your crown chakra.

 is an all time favorite. You can never have too much selenite in your home! Selenite has cleansing and protection abilities. Selenite brings light, love and positivity to you and your space. Place selenite on your casings around your doors and windows to cleanse and raise the vibration of each room. Use in corners or spaces that feel stagnant. It also works fantastic in closets as we bring home outside energy on our shoes and clothing.


For more amazing tips and tricks on how to utilize crystals in your living space, join Tania for her exciting online seminar, Crystal Healing in your Home on Saturday January 22nd at 2pm est!

Meet the Instructor

Tania Antoinette Richardson is an advanced Crystal Energy and Auric Healer, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master. She is also the CEO and Co-Founder of a luxury award winning Interior Design firm. She has been in the Interior Design industry for over 20 years. With her combined knowledge of holistic healing and interior design, she fuse’s her abilities to help others understand the importance of energetically balancing their living spaces.

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