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Crystals for Aries Season

Crystals for Aries Season

We’re well into Aries season, which means it’s also the beginning of the astrological new year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so if you’re an astrologer then March is the new January. Definitely good news for those of us who haven’t made much of a dent in our resolutions yet...technically, they don’t even count until now! 

If you still need a bit of motivation to get started on those projects and goals you’ve been putting off, there’s no better time than Aries season. As the sign of self-assertion, new directions and fiery independence, harnessing the energy of Aries can give you a huge boost! And if you don’t have a lot of Aries in your chart, you can still channel this dynamic sign with crystals. If you are an Aries, crystals can also help you balance your energies so you can use them to your advantage. 

So, without further ado, here are some crystals that will rock your Aries season (pun intended): 


As the stone of new life and birth, Bloodstone imparts strength, vitality, passion and courage. Aries are known for possessing all of these traits, and Bloodstone helps channel them towards altruistic things. Compromising for the sake of their relationships is something those of us with an abundance of Aries energy can sometimes struggle with! If you’re looking to balance your needs with the needs of others or if you want to channel all that Aries power into projects and initiatives that help the common good, then you need a bit of Bloodstone in your life.


You can’t help but notice a piece of Citrine! Refracting rainbows through its golden depths makes this crystal look like a ray of sunshine that you can hold in your hands, and that’s exactly what Citrine is for...the solar plexus! As the seat of personal power, the solar plexus is the place from which we assert ourselves and manifest our desires. Whereas Bloodstone channels and balances Aries energy, Citrine amplifies it, adding heat and fire to whatever you do, like a magnifying glass under the sun. 

Red Jasper

In ancient times, Red Jasper was worn as a talisman by soldiers when they marched into battle. Red Jasper is protective of its wearer, so it’s perfect to have with you whenever you need to parade fearlessly through life’s great battlefields. Aries shares a name with the ancient Greek god of war, so it’s known as the sign of the Warrior. If you need a shot of courage, Red Jasper can help you channel some of that fighting spirit and use it to ward off fears, because (like all jaspers!) it’s also a grounding stone. 

Have any of you needed to tap into your inner Aries lately? 

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