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Crystals for Empaths

Crystals for Empaths

✔️Obsidian- A protective by dissolving anger, criticism and fear and relates to the root chakra
✔️Bumblebee Jasper- Helps you to adjust to changes in your life and make changes, as it gives you confidence and ability to see the positive. 
✔️Rhodonite- Grounds your heart chakra energy and brings love energy to the physical plane
Lepidolite is calming and increases inner peace and relates to the third eye chakra
✔️Selenite- Cleans auras, rooms and other crystals and connects you to your spirit guides, and corresponds to the crown chakra.
✔️Charoite- Used for third eye clearing and reduces tension in the third eye.
✔️Lapis Lazuli-
Lapis encourages peace, knowledge, and the feeling that you already are and have enough and relates to the Throat Chakra
✔️Rainbow Fluorite- Brings mental clarity and concentration to help get things done, and corresponds to the third eye chakra 
✔️Black Kyanite- Bids in the manifestation of vision and clairvoyance, is a favorite among energy healers, opens the lines of communication between people.

Crystal support for Empaths (a person with the ability to absorb the emotional state of others)

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  • Joey Wargachuk