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Crystals for Protection

Crystals for Protection

Whether you want to protect from psychic attack, negativity, geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, troubled spirits, among other things -- we have the crystal set for you! Our Crystal Set for Protection contains:

Black Tourmaline
EMFs, cleanses energy, psychic attacks or ill wishes

Black Obsidian

Dispels negative energy and releases emotions

Smoky Quartz

Gently neutralizes negative vibrations and brings in positive energy; It is spiritually detoxifying and calming


Guards against psychic attacks and transmutes energy into love


Transmutes negativity into positivity and brings joy

Clear Quartz

Raises your vibration

Did you know that happiness, excitement and peace are all high vibration, whereas sadness, anger, and depression are low vibration? If you keep your vibration up, you are less susceptible to any negativity or whatever you are protecting against.

Get a Happy Soul Crystal Set for Protection for yourself or loved one today!

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  • Joey Wargachuk