Crystals for the Garden

Crystals for the Garden

In the midst of a string of sunny days, it’s finally warmed up enough to start planting our gardens and getting ready for the growing season. Garden centres are opening up and the current situation is prompting a lot of us to consider growing food and spending more time in our own backyards, maybe for the first time. Whether you’re new to gardening or a seasoned professional, crystals can help manifest abundance in your garden! 

Just like flowers and plants, crystals are beautiful gifts of nature that help us expand our awareness and get in touch with various aspects of ourselves. They resonate with the energies of the earth and are a natural way to amplify the energy of a garden, too. So which crystals can you use to help things along? 

Rose Quartz works with the heart chakra, our centre of connection to our environments and to each other. Placing a few tumbles in the pots of your houseplants or around a garden bed helps facilitate an intuitive connection between yourself and the plants using its gentle, nurturing energies. If you’re someone who tends to forget about watering your plants (guilty!) consider working with rose quartz to connect with them on an energetic level. 

Moss Agate is one of our favourite crystals of all time because it’s deeply connected to earth energies and resonates well with all growing things. Moss Agate is a beautiful stone to use when manifesting abundance of all kinds, so it’s especially useful when you’re looking to grow a healthy and beautiful garden! 

Clear Quartz is a very high-vibration stone. Called the “master crystal,” it amplifies whatever you charge it with, and can be programmed for any intention. Hold a piece of Clear Quartz over your heart chakra and visualize your plants growing tall and strong, your garden blooming and your harvest being abundant. Then grid the stones around the garden and let the magic happen! 

Green Aventurine is another powerful heart chakra stone that helps to manifest abundance. Green Aventurine is an attractor crystal that brings things to you, so if you’re looking for an abundant harvest at the end of the season, then consider working with it in your garden. It works especially well in kitchen gardens and vegetable patches, helping your plants to grow tall and strong. 

Black Agate is a protective crystal that absorbs unwanted energies. It’s associated with the root chakra, vibrating at frequencies that match the earthy, rich soil needed to grow abundant crps. Its protective qualities can also help keep away unwanted pests and rodents that could eat or damage your plants!  

Using a combination of all or any of these stones can help your garden to grow and flourish. Place them (carefully) in the pots of your houseplants and window boxes, or grid them around your garden. 

Need to stock up on garden crystals? We’re reopening the store this Monday, May 25, and will be offering 20 tumbles for $20! Looking forward to seeing all of you again in person, and thank you so much for your support and love during this time. For guidelines on shopping safely and our new policies, please see: We’re committed to your safety in our store.