Crystals for Your Garden

Crystals for Your Garden


If you are a gardener, you love nature.  You likely love the colours and panoramic beauty, can feel the calming energy, the coolness it creates on hot days.  You might love the insects’ symbiotic relationship with your garden and how our garden attracts rabbits and other wild life.


You may be perplexed, or knowledgeable on the intricacy of the soil and how their composition affects your garden. The garden entrances you with the representation of the passage of time and the cycles of life.

But not many people think about what is deep under your garden. If you were to dig very deeply under your garden, you might find clear quartz, amethyst, jet, feldspars, mica and many other crystals. The energy of the crystals below your yard, will influence the vibration in your yard.

Now consider that you can use crystals you choose and install to affect the vibration in your garden.  You know that crystals look beautiful and that crystals create a mood and can deduce that crystals and plants have a relationship.


Here are some ideas for using crystals to help define and enhance your garden.



If you want a garden that fills your heart with love, and you tend to have lots of pink flowers in your garden, you could place a large raw piece near your deck or make a border out of raw or heart shaped rose quartz.  You would smile every time you entered the  garden.



Do you want a garden to relax in after work?  Plant lots lavender and use small raw lepidolite as ground cover.  Sitting in your Muskoka chair, your muscles will melt into tranquility.


Moon Goddess Garde

Would you like a Moon Goddess Garden, complete with a statue of Artimis?  You could place some moonstone spheres on pedestals or have hanging bowls of moonstone tumbles. When you strolled the garden at night, you will feel your intuition expanding and feel the glow of the sacred.

Fairy Garden

Do want a garden that attracts fairies?  Where you can explore your fairy energy?  Faires are attracted to peacock ore, emerald, chrysoprase and smoky quartz.  Place some small pieces under leaves and around tree trunks.  And when you pour yourself a glass a wine to enjoy in the evening, also pour a toy sized glass a place by a tree for the fairies and see what happens.


Balcony Garden

If you have an apartment and you like to sit out at night, musing on the possibilities of life, or talking with friends late into the night, string some amethyst lights above for magical feeling.



If the best part of having a garden, is that you can put on an hold hat and garden glove and dig in and while away the hours creating a lush, verdant garden, carry tree agate in your pocket to boost the grounded, focused feeling.  And have some moss agate tumbles and clear quartz points to place on the soil beside the plants that need a little help.


Meditation Corner

Have you ever meditated in your garden?  At first, the sounds can be a little distracting, but then you may find you enjoy the fresh air, scents and tree energy.  You can set up a comfy chair or big pillow, hang as tapestry, and set up a small table with clear quartz or your favorite meditation crystal.


The ideas is to have a garden you love, that makes your heart soar, that replenishes you, and crystals do all that.