Gemini- Expand Your Horizons

Gemini- Expand Your Horizons

Gemini- Expand Your Horizons

Date: May 21 – June 20
Chakra: Throat Chakra
Planet: Mercury
Constellation: Twins
Crystals: Citrine, Carnelian, Howlite, Healerite
Element: Air
Key words: Communication, Connection, Versatility, Flexibility, Inquisitive
Birth Stone: Moonstone

You approach the world with enthusiasm and wonder, and follow
your curiosity to the subjects, people and places that stimulate your mind.
As the mercurial messenger, Gemini is the ultimate communicator of the
zodiac, finding expression, freedom and fascination through words.
The communicative Twins asks us to share the interests and passions that
excite us, regardless of our experience level so that we may expand our
social circles and opportunities for connection.

• Citrine - Helps to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and
positivity. Citrine communicates your ideas and needs clearly
• Carnelian - Energizes creativity, ambition, drive and determination
• Howlite - Helps to achieve harmony, balance and a restful sleep.
Howlite strengthens memory, facilitates awareness, boosts
creativity, teaches patience and stimulates desire for knowledge
• Healerite - Develops inner peace, increases energy and vitality

Whether it’s a key to unlocking a part of ourselves or another brush for our
creative toolbox, Gemini sees every facet of life as a treasure trove of
potential, where the number of characters we can become is limited only
by the scope of our imagination.
When we channel the energy of Gemini, we become fascinated with the
world and approach life more freely. With this energy, we are not only able
to embrace change but openly welcome it into our lives.

Gemini Meditation with Howlite
Before you begin the meditation, cleanse your crystal. Get into a
comfortable position sitting or lying down. If you are sitting make sure your
legs are uncrossed and hold your Howlite crystal from the Zodiac Gemini
Set. If you are lying down, you can place your Howlite crystal at the base of
your Crown chakra above your head while your head is rested on a pillow.
Howlite is named after Henry How, a professor, geologist and chemist who
brought this crystal academic awareness in 1868 after finding deposits of
the crystal in Windsor, Nova Scotia.
Now gently close your eyes.
Take a deep breath in through nose and exhale through your mouth.
Again inhale, exhale through your mouth.
Allow your breath to adjust to your natural rhythm.
Attune to your crystal. Howlite links into the spiritual dimensions preparing
the mind to receive wisdom and insight.
Allow yourself to travel to new dimensions and journey beyond the
confines of what’s known.
Visualize walking through a forest, you connect with all the animals of the
forest kingdom. Eastern chipmunks run hurriedly across your path into the
deep forest. Mallard ducks and ducklings swim in a cluster in a creek
behind the trees close by. Monarch butterflies flutter towards a patch of
wild milkweed.
You see an owl nestled in the branches of a tree above. What kind of owl
do you see? What are the messages from the owl?
You continue walking through the forest and find a quiet place to sit to
calm the mind and take this moment to bring awareness to your body.
Release any distractions, tension from your body and the clutter from your
Allow your body to relax.
Howlite brings calm and connects to your Crown chakra to expand your
An energizing pure white light rises above your Crown expanding
throughout your entire body.
With each breath you are feeling more connected with your senses,
physical body and inner wisdom.
Take as long you need.
When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to the present. Gently
open your eyes. Lay down your Howlite. Wiggle your arms and toes.
Return to your day energized with newfound clarity. Cleansing the mind
rejuvenates the body and your true self emerges to uncover clarity and
inner wisdom.

- Alitzia Tyminski

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