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Howlite: A Crystal of Divine Protection

Howlite: A Crystal of Divine Protection


Howlite serves as a guardian of the spiritual realm, offering divine protection and shielding the Crown Chakra from spiritual overload. Its properties facilitate a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from overwhelming spiritual energies.

Aspect Details
Chakra Crown Chakra - Protects and stabilizes spiritual connection, preventing overload.
Archangel Raziel - Associated with mysteries, Howlite acts as a bridge to Raziel's wisdom, safeguarding the wearer's spiritual journey.
Planet Moon - Reflects the Moon's calming influence, enhancing intuition and emotional equilibrium.
Zodiac Signs Gemini - Matches the adaptability of Geminis, offering protection during spiritual exploration. Virgo - Provides grounding for analytical Virgos, shielding from excess spiritual noise.
Element Air - Symbolizes the mind and communication, offering protection against mental clutter and enhancing clarity.
Spiritual Tools Dreamwork - Protects during dream exploration and journeying. Meditation - Shields the aura from psychic debris.
Protective Qualities Shields against negativity, psychic vampirism, and spiritual pollution. Creates a protective barrier around the aura.
Divine Protection Acts as a conduit for divine energy, offering a protective shield that blocks intrusive vibrations.
Spiritual Overload Protection Balances and maintains the integrity of the spiritual and auric fields, preventing spiritual fatigue.

Key Spiritual Benefits of Howlite:

  1. Aura Shielding: Creates a barrier around the aura, protecting against psychic attacks and energy leeches.
  2. Spiritual Clarity: Helps in discerning spiritual messages and energies, preventing confusion and overwhelm.
  3. Divine Connection: Facilitates a secure connection to divine wisdom, ensuring safe spiritual exploration.
  4. Emotional Balance: Maintains emotional stability amidst spiritual growth, ensuring a grounded experience.
  5. Dream Protection: Safeguards the spirit during dream work and astral travel, ensuring a restful and insightful experience.

Usage Recommendations:

  • Wear as Jewelry: For continuous protection, especially around the neck to shield the throat and crown chakras.
  • Place in Sacred Spaces: To create a protective and sacred environment for spiritual work.
  • Meditation Companion: Hold or place nearby during meditation to prevent spiritual overload and ensure clarity.
  • Bedside Guardian: Place under your pillow or by the bed to protect during sleep and astral travel.

Howlite's role as a divine protector makes it an essential tool for those navigating the complexities of spiritual growth. By shielding the crown chakra and providing a sanctuary from spiritual overload, it ensures a safe and balanced journey.

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  • Joey Wargachuk