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Ignite your creativity this Leo season with these 4 crystals

Ignite your creativity this Leo season with these 4 crystals

Leo season is here (July 23, 2020 until August 22, 2020) and there’s nothing subtle about it. We’re feeling the fiery, passionate energy that is this bold fire sign in full force. Leo, as symbolized by the lion and ruled by the ego-driven sun, is all about shining bright – and is just the energy we need to ignite our creativity.


Every astrological sign can leverage the energy of the given season, and Leo brings us the energy needed to take charge and bring our true selves forward – a common theme we’ve seen throughout the pandemic as many have been forced to take the time to sit with their whole selves. We’ve seen a lot of inner work, healing, learning and unlearning. While this work takes much time and energy, it is a great time to start tapping into these realizations to express our needs and desires.


It’s important to note that while Leo is full of passionate energy – its Achilles heel is laziness. We may start to feel that lethargy as we approach mid month, but rather than resisting it, we are called to embrace it as self-care to build the stamina we need to express our truest desires. Making time for you is critical – whatever you need to fill your cup will be necessary as we approach Virgo season which will very much be a time to get your life back in order as we near September.


To ignite your creative expression this Leo season, we recommend the following crystals to supercharge your creativity:


  • Fire opal: is a stone that provides a boost of self-confidence to overcome any fears in expressing oneself – there’s a playfulness that the stone brings, helping to unleash one’s confidence and passion.
  • Carnelian: is a stabilizing stone that provides strength and stamina; stimulating creativity and the energy needed to seek out new inspiration.
  • Picasso Jasper: is a stone that can help overcome creative blockages, reminding us that the world is our canvas and that it’s ok to step outside of our comfort zone to find our passions.
  • Citrine: is a stone that attracts positivity and is healing for the solar plexus – the chakra associated with personal power, identity and confidence.


We love the energy that this crystal combo brings – it helps us tap into our unapologetic nature and our need for expression. This combo also gives us the strength and stamina to move forward and through any resistance with confidence.


So, if you’re looking for a sign to express those new ideas and realizations, this is it. Enjoy the passionate energy this Leo season brings and don’t be afraid to shine in its spotlight. Seek out things that make YOU happy and challenge yourself to get a bit louder and bolder when it comes to showing off your ideas. Leo season is here to remind us to live bold and bright and ignite the creative self-expression that lives within each of our beautiful souls.

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  • Bianca Lee