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Introduction to Runes with Ivan Westley

Introduction to Runes with Ivan Westley




I have always found a deeper personal connection with the runes than with tarot. It all comes down to what you are seeking and how deep the connection can be made to satisfy your quest or inquiry. Tarot has helped me at the beginning of my divination journey by discovering myself, what makes me tick, connecting and trusting my intuition, and dealing with situations. Tarot has been the gateway to discovering the runes during my spiritual awakening. However, through study and practice of the runes, I have discovered that using runes can unlock so much more of ourselves through divine connection and understanding.


The lore and knowledge of runes help promote individualism, family values, how we interact with each other (community), how we respect and love ourselves, and how we are connected to the gods and the universe by discovering divine archetype traits that have been embedded within our bloodlines for so many centuries. However, there is so much more beneath the layers of this ‘cosmic onion’ to runes. They are more than just learning a few keywords or meanings to each rune stave for rune casting or spreads. The discovery of runes will show you that it is a multifaceted system that branches off into multiple disciplines of rune-work. Including Rune-Thinking (meditation/contemplation), Rune-Casting (divination), Galdr (incantational or verbal magic), making of Rune-Tines (talismans), Runecraft (operative magic) and Rune-Work (self-transformational activity). The runes are more than just letters in an old Germanic alphabet; the runes contain the primary definition of ‘secret’ or ‘mystery’ of the universe. The more I have started to understand the power and energy of the runes, the more I have noticed that the focus goes more towards myself. It bores deeper within us, connecting and awakening the inner runes that we all possess. These inner runes are the key to the mysteries of the cosmos. And at the same time, during these discoveries, we learn more and understand ourselves. We can then reciprocate these energies outwards to help our fellow man and communities and be proud individuals who are not afraid to make a mark on this earth during our lifetime with integrity.


The Introduction to Runes (The Elder Futhark System) Workshop will help set your foot forward on a journey to understanding and, one day, unlocking these mysteries that each rune possesses. We will cover the most common runic system, The Elder Futhark, and learn what each rune is about symbolically and what it means in a rune-casting message or rune spread. Rune-casting techniques and spreads will be provided in the course handouts, so you can practice on your own time and familiarize yourself with the runes on a personal level. As a bonus, I will also provide in the handouts, a suggestive personal list of reading material and music to help understand and embrace the culture and lore of the runes.


Join me on Saturday February 19th from 2pm - 4pm est for a 1 Day Introduction to Runes Workshop!

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