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Mars Through the Signs

Mars Through the Signs

Mars in Your Birth Chart

In astrology, Mars is the young and impulsive Warrior. He represents action, independence, our physical bodies and what we do with them, as well as how we take action in certain areas of life. The sign that Mars was in when you were born says a lot about how you handle conflict, anger, passion, as well as how you spend your energy. 

If you don’t know your Mars sign, go to astro.com and enter in the date of your birth to find out. You don’t need to know your time of birth to find your Mars sign, so if you don’t know it, it doesn’t matter (this time!). If your Mars is in…

Aries: You’re likely impulsive and quick to anger, but also quick to move past it! People who are indirect or slow to accomplish things irritate you, and you have a pioneering spirit. You enjoy exercise and are likely to spend your leisure time playing sports, dancing, doing yoga, or just jogging around the neighbourhood. 

Taurus: If you have Mars in Taurus, you’re likely to take a bit more of a passive approach to life, letting things come to you rather than going out to get them. You can be immovable as a rock when you want to be, but when you do take action it’s likely motivated by a desire to feel secure and safe. Your motto is “slow and steady wins the race” and you perform better when you do one thing at a time, rather than multitask.

Gemini: You’re eloquent by nature, and are likely to use words as a weapon when you’re angry. Boredom is especially torturous for you, and you’ll do almost anything to avoid it. Debating is like a sport for you, and you enjoy the competitive spirit of pitting your wit and knowledge against someone else’s. For many Mars in Gemini natives, playing music or video games is the preferred outlet for any excess energy. 

Cancer: Mars in Cancer natives are infamous for their passive-aggressiveness, so if this is your Mars placement, watch out for that! On the flip side, you have an amazing tenacity and strength of will, especially when it comes to protecting the ones you love. “The best offence is defense” is the motto of Mars in Cancer people, and your actions are governed by the strength and depth of your emotions. 

Leo: If this is your Mars placement then you likely have a strong drive to be creative, and to live your life with passion and purpose. Nothing is worth doing unless it’s meaningful to you in some way, and you’re unlikely to take action on things unless you have a genuine and authentic desire to do so. This is a particularly vital position for Mars, and you’re likely to always act from your heart rather than your head. 

Virgo: Mars in Virgo people possess a seemingly endless reserve of energy that they can tap into with an almost superhuman level of determination. These natives are always busy busy busy, and you won’t find them sitting down for long, even when they’re at home “relaxing.” Productive and goal-oriented, Mars in Virgo people like to establish systems for accomplishing a task, and they’re usually slow to anger (if they even get angry at all). On the flip side, they tend to be fidgety and nervous, with a natural reticence when it comes to anything physical. 

Libra: If you have Mars in Libra, you’re likely to think carefully before you act. Impulsivity makes you nervous, and before you do anything you’re likely to have thoroughly weighed all the options and possible outcomes. You hate it when something isn’t fair or equitable, and like Mars in Cancer people have a tendency towards passive-aggressiveness, but for you it’s because you don’t want to look like you’re being unfair when you’re angry. 

Scorpio: More than any other sign, you love a good challenge and you’re fearless when it comes to pursuing your goals. You have razor-sharp instincts and you follow them without hesitation, making you an intense and formidable opponent. Mars in Scorpio people have a marked tendency towards vengefulness when they’re angry, and compromise can be difficult with such a passionate and intense Mars placement. That being said, more than any other sign you have the ability to accomplish any goal that you set for yourself. 

Sagittarius: Mars in Sagittarius people deal with conflict by running away. If you’ve ever heard the song Fly By Night by Rush, it was likely written by someone who has their Mars in Sagittarius! Born multitaskers, you’re likely to have more than one project on the go at any given time, and you’re motivated by an insatiable wanderlust. You tend to be either intense and passionate or incredibly easygoing and almost passive, and there seems to be no in between! 

Capricorn: Mars in Capricorn people put their careers ahead of nearly everything, and are known for being incurable workaholics. Because of this tendency, they tend to be determined, goal-oriented, ambitious and always on top of their never-ending to-do lists. If this is your Mars sign, you likely express your anger in a cool, rational and level-headed way, rarely allowing yourself to be dragged into senseless and childish conflicts. 

Aquarius: If you have Mars in Aquarius, you’re likely very proud of your independence. You may have a tendency to be somewhat scattered at times, but you mean well and you’re quite clever when it comes to getting what you want! You’re willful and clever and you have a knack for getting others to do what you want, because you’re subtle. You can be somewhat detached and undemonstrative when it comes to physical relationships, but you also have an unmatched ability to let others just be, which makes you magnetic and popular. 

Pisces: Mars in Pisces people tend to be mild-mannered and affable, making others wonder if they ever get angry at all! While you may have difficulty asserting yourself sometimes, you have a depth of compassion and you can rally your fluctuating energy most strongly when it comes to helping others. You tend to be either “on” or “off,” rotating through cycles of high energy followed by long periods of inertia and stagnation on a regular basis. 

Now that you know your Mars sign, you can use certain crystals to help you manage your energy levels and direct them efficiently towards manifesting your goals. Our Bloor Street location is now open to the public with new safety measures in place, and we’d love to help you find the magical crystal combo that will work for you! 

For all those who stopped by this week, we are so grateful for all your support and love. It was wonderful to see all your lovely faces in person. 

Stay safe!

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