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Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde
Crystals for Mercury in Retrograde by Astrological Sign

Mercury is all about communication and the key principles to focus on when Mercury is in retrograde are: Focus
Transmuting negative energy

Find which crystal is best to work with for your Zodiac sign during this time!

✔️Aquarius- Communication: Blue Kyanite
✔️Pisces- Focus: Green Fluorite
✔️Aries- Transmute energy: Hematite
✔️Taurus- Motivation: Tiger’s Eye
✔️Gemini- Communication: Blue Chaledony
✔️Cancer- Focus: Howlite
✔️Leo- Transmute energy: Citrine
✔️Virgo- Motivation: Amazonite
✔️Libra- Communication: Lapis Lazuli
✔️Scorpio- Focus: Bloodstone
✔️Sagittarius- Transmute energy: Smoky Quartz
✔️Capricorn- Motivation: Carnelian

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  • Joey Wargachuk