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Moldavite and Other Tektites: What They Are and How to Use Them

Moldavite and Other Tektites: What They Are and How to Use Them

Whether you’re new to the world of crystal healing or you’ve been on this journey for a while, chances are you’ve heard of the powerful and mysterious moldavite. 

But did you know that moldavite isn’t a crystal at all? It’s actually a tektite, a type of mineral that forms when a meteorite hits the earth and fuses with the minerals on the ground. The high heat and impact forms a natural, glass-like substance that contains energies from both the Earth and from outer space.

This fusion of earthly and otherworldly materials is what gives tektites their noticeably strong energies. There are many different kinds of tektites, all with their own unique properties. Here are some of our favourites:

Moldavite: Even people who are normally not sensitive to crystal energy can often feel the effects of moldavite when they hold a piece. Many report feeling a warmth under their skin that spreads throughout their bodies (often referred to as the “Moldavite Flush”), and others report feeling tingling sensations or even a bit spacey. This rare, green glass was formed when a meteorite crashed into the Moldau Valley of the Czech Republic about 5,000 years ago and because of its extraterrestrial origins, it’s often used to connect with higher beings and super-charge the ascension process. Moldavite is associated with the heart chakra (it IS a green crystal, after all!), so it’s all about connections…especially the connection between Earth and the stars. Whatever your spiritual goals are, moldavite will help you reach them FAST. It’s recommended not to use it frequently or wear it every day, especially if you tend to be energetically sensitive because it can be overwhelming for some!  

The long story short: even if you’re not energetically sensitive, you might still feel a warmth or a tingly sensation when you hold a piece of moldavite! A powerful heart chakra stone, wear or carry it (sparingly) to strengthen your connection to the cosmos.


Libyan Desert Glass: sometimes referred to as Libyan or Golden Tektite, desert glass is a somewhat mysterious tektite that’s been used for thousands of years in jewelry but only in the last decade or so has become popular with crystal healers and reiki practitioners. Until recently, scientists weren’t sure if desert glass was even a tektite at all, but studies have proven that only a high-heat, fast-moving impact could have formed the beautiful yellow, translucent crystals. Found only in the Western Desert of Egypt and Libya, desert glass is known as the somewhat gentler sister stone to moldavite. Even though its energies are less intense than moldavite, it’s still a powerful solar plexus stone that helps you to connect with who you authentically are, and then radiate it fearlessly! Desert glass is truly a stone of royalty, and ancient Egyptian kings used it in their ceremonial jewelry to communicate their authority and relationship to the gods. Fun fact: the giant yellow scarab on King Tut's famous pectoral is made of desert glass! 

The long story short: Desert Glass is a stone of royalty that helps you connect with your inner god or goddess. If you need a boost of confidence, wear or carry a piece to help you remember that you carry the spark of the Divine within you!


Colombianite: at first glance this small, brown crystals don’t look like much, but they pack a powerful vibration that’s surprisingly grounding. Colombianite connects the root with the crown and soul star chakras to help ground cosmic knowledge and downloads, so that you can integrate them into your daily life. Found only in South America, colombianite is much rarer than moldavite, and it’s been used by shamans to communicate with higher beings for centuries. Little is known about how this mysterious tektite found its way to earth, but some believe it to be an obsidian-like glass of extraterrestrial origin that formed when a meteorite hit the region about 29 million years ago. Since it’s not as well-documented as other tektites, if you feel called to worth with colombianite keep a journal of your experiences. You’d be contributing a lot to the world of crystal healing and crystal knowledge!

The long story short: colombianite is still shrouded in mystery, so keep track of your experiences if you feel called to work with this stone! Surprisingly grounding, colombianite helps you communicate with higher beings while staying present and aware of your body.


Black Tektite: often referred to as just “tektite,” these stones are relatively abundant and are a good place to start if you’re new to working with extraterrestrial stones. Tektites are usually black in colour, and formed when a meteorite hits the ground and fuses with the minerals that are already there. Because of this, each tektite carries the energies of the particular place in which it was found. Tibetan tektites are highly prized for this reason, as they combine the vibrations of the high Himalayas with the cosmic energies of the meteorites that helped form them. Tektites make great stones for facilitating astral travel, and hep to keep you grounded in your body as you begin to explore the universe.

The long story short: work with tektites when you want to stay grounded while astral travelling. Put a piece under your pillow at night or meditate with it to receive downloads and integrate new spiritual information.


Tekitites are powerful, high-vibrational stones that can super-charge your spiritual journey and connect you to higher realms, beings and states of consciousness. Think of a meteorite…it travels through space at light speed before making a HUGE impact on our little planet. That’s exactly what tektites do for our spiritual journey! If you feel called to work with one of these amazing little stones, be prepared for powerful changes in both your inner and outer world as your vibrations attune to it and your environment shifts to align with your new frequency!

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  • Meghan Sandor