Moldavite for star children

Moldavite for star children

Moldavite is a rare and amazing high vibrational crystal found mainly in the Czech Republic contains extra-terrestrial energies that fused with mother earth on impact more than 15 million of years ago. Moldavite has its own cosmic soul vibration – meaning that it can put you in touch with Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers.

Resonating with the crown chakra, it integrates with your divine blueprint and accelerates spiritual growth. You may need to pair it with a grounding crystal to keep you grounded as it can leave you feeling “spacey”.

A crystal that transcends time, if placed on your third eye, Moldavite may show you future potentials or guide you to prevent destruction in the future. This unconventional crystal installs inspiration and brings forth unexpected solutions.

Important Note: If you are highly Energetically sensitive or identify as an empath you should work with moldavite in small amounts to test if it is right for you.

You can find Moldavite in raw tumbled form or jewelry online.

Type: Silica-based tektite

Structure: Amorphous

Use in Crystal Grids: To connect with inter dimensional portals, and new realities

Colour: Dark green

Chakra: Heart, Brow and Crown

Zodiac: Andromeda galaxy

Crystal pairing: Grounding stones such as Smokey Quartz and Hematite

Essential oil pairing: Cinnamon, Frankincense

Animal Totems: Crow, Fox, Tiger, Eagle

Availability: Rare due to the quantity available

Where is it Found: Czech Republic,

How to Use: Carrying or wearing Moldavite in jewelry form allows its energies to remain in your vibrational field throughout the day. Initially look at limiting your exposure until you are more used to its high vibrations

Purifies Energy: Very powerful if you are working on developing psychic abilities.

Using the Crystal

Practical: Because of Moldavite's intense vibration, some may experience light-headedness or a lack of grounding and may need to acclimate themselves gradually to wearing it

Emotional: When you are troubled but do not know the source, Moldavite eases away doubts

Physical Benefits: May help asthma, allergies or rashes cause by modern chemicals or pollution.

Magical: Connects even the most world-weary Adults to the wonders of the universe

Divination: Dramatic change in your live for the better

Workplace: Good for dispelling cynicism

Home: Open Gates to Higher realms and cosmic conciseness in your living space

Empowerment/Affirmation: I am powerful

Question to ask oneself: What no longer serves my highest good


When meditating Moldavite helps to raise vibration to identify what no longer serves you so you may let it go. Connects to the highest dimensions and realms its important to have a grounding stone like garnet or black tourmaline apart of your meditation journey.

You will need your favorite Moldavite crystal to hold during this crystal meditation.

Find a quiet place for yourself for the next few moments and take a comfortable seat.

Begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths – in through your nose while you expand your belly and out through your mouth. On your last exhale gently close your eyes.

Allow the vibrations of the Moldavite to align to your spiritual body and move into the sync with your crown chakra

As you continue to breathe at your own pace, notice if you are holding any tension in your body. Do a quick scan from the top of your head, behind your eyes, down through your throat, to your chest, your navel, down to your sit bones, and down through your feet. If find yourself carrying any tension, take a deep breath in and as you exhale let your body soften.

Now imagine that you’re sitting on a chair, in the middle of an empty room and you see an open box just ahead of you. Now take any thoughts, worries, to-do lists that might be consuming your mind right now and gently send them into the box. As you do this, notice if you are feeling lighter. You may even feel as though a little more space has been created in your mind.

If at any point you have any thoughts pop up, know that it is completely normal and ok. Instead of reacting to the thought – simply notice it. No need to give it any energy. Thoughts will pass if we do not give it the energy to grow.

As you return your consciousness to sitting in the chair, you notice a ball of green light forming above your head. Take a deep breath to feel this clearing light above you.

Now picture this ball of green light moving down through your entire body and down through the earth. Take a deep breath as you feel a sense of focus and freshness.

The brilliant green light comes back up into your feet and moves through your body and shoots out of the top of your head – washing away any worries or concerns. Take a deep breath as you feel a sense of clarity and lightness.

Now imagine a green bubble of light that forms all around you – this is your zone of focus. Your sacred space of most clarity. You come here whenever you begin to worry about something; the green light absorbs the worry and transmutes this energy into positive life energy which allows you to continue on your day with a deep sense of trust. Take three deep breaths and on your last exhale let out a big sigh. Enjoy the release of any pressure and worry.

You start to wiggle your toes, gently move your fingers and bring awareness to your eyelids. Once you’re ready you blink your eyes and return to your space, ready to enjoy the rest of your day, and knowing with a few deep breaths you can return to this place of feeling clear and focused.