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Scorpio - Driver in the search for Truth

Scorpio - Driver in the search for Truth

Constellation: Scorpion

Planet: Pluto / Mars

Chakra: Sacral

Crystals: Citrine / Malachite / Amethyst

Element: Water

Key words: Intuition, Magnetism, Passion, Resourcefulness, Trust, Truth

November Birth Stone: Citrine

Scorpio season is here (October 23, 2020 until November 21, 2020), and be careful this water sign has a fiery sting that comes with it.

Ruled by Pluto - the planet of transformation and regeneration - the sun in Scorpio is your driver in the search for Truth. Making now the best time to ask yourselves those difficult questions whilst absorbing the energy and strength provided to you by Scorpio.

Whilst the sun is at its prime and the vale at its thinnest this time of year, it is an ideal time to open your Sacral chakra. You can feel the pull of Scorpio to discover the mysteries of life, let Scorpio’s natural ability to connect the dots and distill the truth wash over you, whilst exploring the hidden depths of your psyche.

Scorpio has a tendency to go to the darker side of things (striking at the rawest, most intimate parts of the soul to reveal its hidden depths and to unlock its true potential), so ground yourself with some Smokey Quartz and let Scorpios’ energy be your light guiding you to the truth you seek.

You’ll come out victorious, shedding everything that does not serve you, making space in your life to nurture and develop your goals, dreams and ambition and to stay focused on what really matters in your life.

Journey with Scorpios’ energy this month with these crystals by your side to discovery the truth you seek.

  • Citrine: helps to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and positivity and relates to the solar plexus chakra
  • Malachite: helps to release negative experiences and gives hope, and also protects travelers on the earth and other planes, and relates to the heart chakra
  • Amethyst: strengthens spirituality, psychic powers and dream recollection and relates to the third eye chakra
  • Smokey Quartz: raises your vibration while gently grounding, protecting and reducing stress and relates to the Root chakra

Trust in faithful Scorpio and you will rise anew with more focus, determination and love for yourself and others. It is also a good time to strengthen and build relationships, be daring and bold in what you want. Be fierce and embrace the strength form Scorpio this month and face the answers to those questions simmering below the surface.

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  • Joey Wargachuk