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Selenite Goddess of the Moon

Selenite Goddess of the Moon

It is no wonder why Selenite is Named after the Goddess of the Moon – Selene.

This Crystal is one of the most powerful and Mystical of the Crystal Kingdom. Connecting to the vibrations of moon light. Selenite is one of the few crystals that doesn’t need clearing or charging, in fact Selenite is used to energize auras, Crystals and spaces. Used for thousands of years in healing and spiritual practices, Selenite has an ability to help with focus and it is an excellent crystal for meditation and gaining clarity. It helps with gaining understanding and provides concentration when needed.

As a Crown Chakra associated crystal, Selenite will help you to connect with your higher self and Soul Body.

Selenite is one of the most dynamic and power active crystal for energy workers and healers and a “must have” in your sacred space and Healer toolkit. 

You can find Selenite in many forms such as towers, sticks, wands, charging bowls, raw, tumbled and more in-store & online.

Type:  Fiber hydrous calcium sulfate

Structure: Tabular, prismatic or acicular

Use in Crystal Grids: Selenite can be used in grids for, clearing of negative energies and charging your crystals. You can also use Selenite in healing and the protection of loved ones

Colour: Colourless to white

Chakra: Expands the Crown chakra, to receive divine guidance and access higher realms and beings of consciousness

Zodiac: Astrological Sign of Taurus and the Heavily Body of the Moon

Crystal pairing: Smoky Quarts and Black Tourmaline go well with Selenite – if you find the energies of high vibration stones to intense (like Danburite, Selenite or Moldavite) this helps to keep you grounded

Essential oil pairing: Eucalyptus, gardenia, jasmine, lemon, myrrh.

Animal Totems: Cat, Dove, Owl  

Availability: Easily obtainable

Where is it Found: Mexico, and Morocco

How to Use: Selenite is one of a very few minerals with the specific metaphysical properties that make it capable of clearing and re-charging other crystals, clearing auras and changing the energy of a space


Using the Crystal

Practical: Spheres or raw slabs protect from outside negativity, especially at night.

Purifies Energy: Use a Selenite stick down on all four sides of your body to help clear energies and your Aura. You can also place a flat piece of selenite under your pillow or hold a selenite stick whilst sleeping. 

Using the Crystal: Selenite can be used at any time to unblock energies and encourages spiritual connection, realign your chakras, assists with meditation, and grounding. It is also an essential tool for cleansing and charging of your crystals and energies.

Note: Selenite must not be cleaned with water as it may get dissolved in it

Emotional: Calming, clears confusion and aids in seeing the bigger picture. A powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions

Physical Benefits: Promotes a feeling of calm and serenity. You may have good chance of reconciliation but you may have to make the first move

 Magical: Wear Selenite jewelry as a charm to keep your aura clear and align your chakras

Divination: Keep a piece of selenite with your card decks and divinations tools to absorb lower vibrations and keep your tools’ energy strong and clear

Workplace: Selenite brings harmonious partnerships it also aids in the recognition of potential profit

Home: Keep a Selenite angel where moonlight shines on them to spread calm and loving energy. Place a stick of Selenite above your doorways to help clear negative energies keeping your space clear from blockages and stagnant energy buildup

Empowerment/Affirmation: I will not be swayed by false sentiment

Question to ask oneself: What do I need to clear out of my life?


You will need your favorite Selenite Crystal to hold during this crystal meditation.

Place Selenite in the palm of your hands (along with Smokey Quarts and Black Tourmaline in another hand if you require some grounding from other higher vibrating crystals)

Find a quiet place for yourself for the next few moments and take a comfortable seat.

Begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths – in through your nose while you expand your belly and out through your mouth. On your last exhale gently close your eyes.

As you continue to breathe at your own pace, notice if you are holding any tension in your body. Do a quick scan from the top of your head, behind your eyes, down through your throat, to your chest, your navel, down to your sit bones, and down through your feet. If find yourself carrying any tension, take a deep breath in and as you exhale let your body soften.

Now imagine that you’re sitting on a chair, in the middle of an empty room and you see an open box just ahead of you. Now take any thoughts, worries, to-do lists that might be consuming your mind right now and gently send them into the box. As you do this, notice if you are feeling lighter. You may even feel as though a little more space has been created in your mind.

If at any point you have any thoughts pop up, know that it is completely normal and ok. Instead of reacting to the thought – simply notice it. No need to give it any energy. Thoughts will pass if we do not give it the energy to grow.

As you return your consciousness to sitting in the chair, you notice a ball of white light forming above your head. Take a deep breath to feel this clearing light above you.

Now picture this ball of white light moving down through your entire body and down through the earth. Take a deep breath as you feel a sense of focus and freshness.

The brilliant white light comes back up into your feet and moves through your body and shoots out of the top of your head – washing away any worries or concerns. Take a deep breath as you feel a sense of clarity and lightness.

Now imagine a white bubble of light that forms all around you – this is your zone of focus. Your sacred space of most clarity. You come here whenever you begin to worry about something; the white light absorbs the worry and transmutes this energy into positive life energy which allows you to continue on your day with a deep sense of trust. Take three deep breaths and on your last exhale let out a big sigh. Enjoy the release of any pressure and worry.

You start to wiggle your toes, gently move your fingers and bring awareness to your eyelids. Once you’re ready you blink your eyes and return to your space, ready to enjoy the rest of your day, and knowing with a few deep breaths you can return to this place of feeling clear and focused.


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  • Joey Wargachuk