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Shungite for Protection and Detox

Shungite for Protection and Detox

What is shungite? 

Shungite is a stone of purification. It neutralizes negative energies in your space and around your body, bringing you back into a state of spiritual and emotional balance. Shungite is made mostly of carbon (the same stuff that diamonds and graphite are made of!), which gives it that deep, light-absorbing black colour. 

Where does shungite come from? 

All of the world’s shungite comes from the village of Shunga in Russia, which is where the stone gets its name from. It was formed when a meteorite hit the region millions of years ago, creating an impact crater that filled with water and microscopic life forms. Over time, the life forms died and decomposed, creating carbon-rich deposits that eventually crystallized and became shungite! Isn’t mama earth magical? 

The mini lake that sits on top of the deposit is now polluted, but the water that comes from it is safe to drink because it’s been purified by the shungite bed. It’s been used as a healing spa for hundreds of years, which the czars of Russia famously visited. This is where shungite gets its reputation for cleansing and purification, and scientists are still working on discovering all its amazing properties. 

10 Reasons to include shungite in your crystal toolkit 

1. It balances the root chakra. The root chakra is our seat of safety and security, and it forms the foundation of our energy body. Shungite absorbs negative energies and toxins, helping us to feel safe in our environments and our bodies. If you’re feeling ungrounded, shungite can help you connect to the earth’s energies. 

2. It works on a physical level. Many stones operate on an etheric level, but shungite cleanses and purifies on a molecular level. We’re constantly being bombarded by energies from others and from our environments, which can affect our bodies and energy levels. Shungite purifies and re-structures these energies before they can hit us, absorbing anything that’s unwanted. 

3. It’s a great water purifier! Shungite purifies and cleanses water, infusing it with life-enhancing energies. We’re all carbon-based life forms, after all! 

"Oh my! I have shungite everywhere! I use it as protection - I keep a piece by my wifi router, computer, microwave and circuit breaker box to reduce my EMF exposure. I also wear a necklace to protect and ground myself and create an elixir that I drink daily." - Nancy Norton

4. It can make you invisible to toxic energy. Because of the way it absorbs unwanted energies, shungite can act like an invisibility cloak for your aura, shielding it from energies that could be damaging or draining to you. Think of it as the ultimate protection stone. 

5. It helps you establish boundaries. Shungite is a POWERFUL stone. Its intense energies work to help you establish boundaries in your interpersonal relationships, giving you the confidence to assert yourself. This may be uncomfortable at first but in the long run it will massively benefit your mental and emotional well-being. You can’t go wrong with that! 

6. It sharpens your focus. Shungite deflects unwanted energies away from you, allowing your own auric space to remain focused on what really matters to YOU. This will clear the way for you to work on achieving your goals and manifesting what you truly desire. 

7. It goes with everything. Like a little black dress or a classy tie, shungite goes with EVERYTHING. It’ll pair well with nearly every stone in your crystal collection, and like clear quartz will enhance and transmit their energies. 

8. It facilitates a tech detox. Stress, anxiety and digital burnout are all side effects of our dependency on devices. Shungite can clear the air of all the negative vibes that our modern technology can give off, so you can detox from the digital world for a bit and get grounded in the real one. 

9. It encourages you to be yourself. If you identify as an empath, you take on the energies of other people all the time. This can lead to a blurring of boundaries and an unclear sense of who you are. Wearing or carrying shungite can cut through other people’s “stuff” so you can connect to your authenticity. Over time, this will lead to healthier relationships and a strong sense of self! 

10. It helps with insomnia. A shungite pyramid placed near your bed will absorb all the static and “buzz” from your aura so you can relax and fall asleep more easily. Better yet, your sleep will be restful because shungite also protects you from nightmares, negative entities and things that go bump in the night! 

Elite Shungite

Elite shungite is a variety of shungite that has a shiny, metallic-looking surface that’s smooth like glass. Also known as “Noble” shungite, this particular variety is even rarer than its light-absorbing cousin. That’s because it’s composed of 98% allotropic carbon, a material that’s not found anywhere else in nature. Elite shungite is literally more rare than gold! Because it doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth, one theory of the origin of elite shungite is that it came from a meteorite. 

Besides the physical differences, elite shungite also differs from regular shungite on an energetic level. Elite shungite is particularly adept at absorbing and deflecting unwanted energies given off by technology, and some say that elite shungite is better at purifying water. It also doesn’t leave you with the same sooty hands and fingers after handling it as regular shungite! 

Shungite vs. Black Tourmaline 

If you’ve made it this far, you may have noticed that a lot of the properties of shungite are very similar to those of black tourmaline. And you’d be right! In many ways they’re very similar, especially if you’re using them for chakra work. But shungite differs from black tourmaline in some very key ways, so to make it easy we’ve broken it down into a chart: 


Black Tourmaline

Protects from unwanted frequencies and radiation 


Works with the root chakra 



Absorbs negative energies from the environment 



Can be used as a grounding stone 



Purifies water


Helps with technology detox


How to Use Shungite 

Whether you decide to work with regular or elite shungite (or both!) there are several ways you can use this amazing crystal to enhance your wellbeing: 

A cellphone chip

  • Protects you from radiation emitted by your phone 
  • Easy to use: just peel and stick to the back of your phone and it’s ready to go! 
  • Using a shungite sticker (rather than a stand or a tumble) protects you at all times because it’s always attached to your phone. 
  • Absorbs unwanted frequencies in the air around you 
  • Helps support your digital detox, and encourages a more mindful use of your phone. 

" I have been using a cell phone chip of shungite for about 5 years now! I love that it protects my aura from degradation caused by EMF waves from using my iphone all the time" - Joey Wargachuk

A water filter chip 

  • Energetically filters and purifies the water 
  • Has antibacterial properties that support water filtration (NOTE: not to be used in place of proper filtration! Shungite adds an extra layer of protection and purification, but proper sanitization should always be used first). 
  • Use to purify and filter water that you wash your face with 
  • Easy to use: just rinse off the chips until the water runs clear, then put them at the bottom of a water container 
  • Infuses your water with life-enhancing properties 

Shungite pyramids 

  • The shape of the pyramid draws out unwanted energies and directs them upwards and away from you 
  • Place near a computer or any electronic device to protect you from radiation and unwanted frequencies 
  • Supports the mindful use of technology 
  • Prevents you from becoming drained and frustrated as a result of spending long hours in front of a computer screen 
  • Some say that it improves the performance of your devices 

As you’ve probably guessed, shungite is the queen of crystals! Its various uses have a place in everyone’s life, and we highly encourage you to work with it to experience the magic of this crystal yourself!



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