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Taurus: The Enduring Spirit

Taurus: The Enduring Spirit

Ruled by beauty-loving Venus, Taurus is a combination of strength and softness, dynamism and compassion.

The tenacious Bull perseveres despite all odds, knowing that success can be attained with a steady pace and committed effort.


Taurus Season Dates: April 20 – May 20

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Planet: Venus

Constellation: Bull

Element: Earth

Key words: Patience, Love, Security, Determination

Birth Stone: Emerald


Crystals for Taurus

EmeraldEnhances compassion and unconditional love. Emerald fosters emotional healing and balance, rejuvenating the heart space as it encourages harmony in relationships and self-care practices.

Blue Calcite - Promotes order and clarity of mind. Blue Calcite creates awareness of when you are overdoing things and need to rest or pace yourself

Carnelian - Provides courage, general physical strength and stamina

Selenite - Absorbs and unblocks stagnant or dormant energy built up over time, making it an effective stone to facilitate personal growth. Selenite draws you back to the present by improving focus and memory

Serpentine - Develops inner peace and increases self-
confidence. A new chance to show the hidden side of yourself will enable you to reinvent your image in a very positive way

When we feel unmotivated, Taurus connects us to our purpose and minds that our path is worth pursuing.

In an ever-changing world, Taurus represents finding a constant we can depend on, a mountain of strength that can help us stand calm and strong throughout any storm.

We can call on the Taurus energy when we need to feel more grounded, to welcome abundance and a greater sense of self-worth into our lives and to summon the stamina to go the distance.

Taurus Meditation with Emerald Crystal

By Alitzia Tyminski

Before you begin the meditation, cleanse your crystal. Get into a
comfortable position sitting or lying down. If you are sitting,
make sure your legs are uncrossed and hold your birthstone
Emerald. If you are lying down, place your Emerald over your
heart chakra.

Gently close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through nose and exhale through your

Again inhale, exhale through your mouth.

Allow your breath to adjust to your natural rhythm.

Feel your feet walking through the earth, your natural element
Mother Earth.

With each step forward, you are aligned with the vibration of the

Any distractions, thoughts or emotions that come up to the
surface, surrender them to the earth.

As you continue walking feeling the vibration of the earth
beneath your feet, you feel at home.

Listen to the divine intelligence that flows freely within you.

You harness the power of tenacity. You reach into your pocket
and pull out a pouch of seeds and plant them into the soil. You
nurture them until they transcend into a majestic garden.

As you tend to your garden, Emerald’s soothing energy
provides healing to all levels of your being, bringing freshness
and vitality to the spirit.

Emerald guards your heart’s essence with divine love.
Universal love and compassion grows within your heart chakra,
extending its divine love throughout your inner being from your
Crown to your Root chakra.

Take as long as you need while you are surrounded by the
beauty of the garden you manifested.

When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to the present.

Gently open your eyes.

Lay down your Emerald birthstone.

Wiggle your arms and toes.


When true peace is renewed in our hearts and minds, the rest of your day is filled with joy, purpose and wellbeing.


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