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The Astrology of An Upside-Down World

The Astrology of An Upside-Down World

I think we can all agree that 2020 so far has been a little bit...disruptive. The world feels like it’s upside-down right now, all thanks to some heavy-hitting outer planets that are making historic movements in the sky this year, and we’re all wondering when some of this heavy energy is going to lift. While no one can say anything for certain, astrology can definitely point to some up and coming trends! Read on to find out. 

January 2020

Back in January we saw a once-in-a-lifetime conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in stability-loving Capricorn. Capricorn is all about the status quo, and Saturn represents limits, structures, boundaries. Pluto is radical change, transformation and power. Mix them all together, bake them under the light of the lunar eclipse that happened around the same time, and the result is an astro dish that even Joey Tribbiani would turn up his nose at. Saturn-Pluto conjunctions often mean that old structures and systems of authority break down, which we have definitely seen happen over the last few months. But it’s not without a purpose! This gathering of giants in the skies means that it’s time for us all to get creative and decide what’s been working for us and what hasn’t.

March 2020

In February Mercury went retrograde in daydreamy Pisces, ramping up our sense of spiritual awareness, even though communication during this time might have felt like you were screaming underwater. On March 22, Saturn moved into Aquarius, the sign of community, friendships and society at large. Saturn is dragging all his boundaries and restrictions right along with him, making this the most social-distancing transit you can possibly imagine. BUT! Aquarius is also the sign of innovation and new technologies, so hardworking Saturn in this sign could also mean the invention of new medicines, technology and healthcare measures to fight the virus. Let’s all keep our clean, freshly-washed fingers crossed! 

Warrior Mars moves into Capricorn on March 24, so we could see some aggressive, wartime measures on the part of the powers-that-be to fight the virus. This kind of energy could also ramp up tensions at home...no surprise, considering we’re all starting to rattle under quarantine! This energy will be especially strong for some (yes I’m looking at you, fire signs!) so it’s a good time to blow off steam and direct some of that restlessness into projects and activities that help you connect with your creative side. Now’s the time to take up that hobby you’ve been saying you’ll get to. 

April 2020

April brings a splash of idealism when Mercury bumps elbows with Neptune in watery, creative Pisces. It’s a great time to get spiritual, and the energy will feel a lot like back in February when we had that Mercury retrograde, which was also in the sign of Pisces. You have full permission from the stars to daydream! On April 4, freedom-loving Jupiter joins Pluto in Capricorn, expanding the potential for transformation. Flexibility is the keyword here, and a lot of us could see our work lives becoming more flexible and even transforming altogether. Were you running yourself into the ground before all this hit? Now is the time to go with the flow and become more fluid in the way we work and organize our lives. Water signs, you’ll have the easiest time with this! 

May 2020

Saturn goes retrograde on May 11, lifting some of those heavy restrictions and limits we’ve been feeling over the past few months. Our fears should start to lift right along with it, as the heaviest of the 2020 transits will be behind us. On May 13, Mars will swan-dive into Pisces, cooling off some of the heat and pressure we felt towards the end of March. As the steam rises when Mars hits the water, be careful not to let it cloud your vision...social distancing and good hygiene will still be as important as ever, even as we start to see a lift in all those restrictions and limits. This will be supported by Venus--everyone’s favourite love planet--going retrograde in chatty, sociable Gemini, making us all a little more wary of social interactions than usual at this time of year. You can still get out and enjoy the sunshine, though! Uranus in Taurus brings out the Mama Earth energy in all of us, making nature walks and gardening seem especially attractive.

So that’s the next few months in a nutshell. Even though the world is at a standstill right now, the astrology of this year points to deep transformation on both a personal and a collective level. Saturn is like contractions in the birth canal...uncomfortable and painful at times, but we’re giving birth to a new world. We’re undergoing a deep metamorphosis at the personal and the collective level, as we transform into a society that looks after one another, that leaves no one behind. What part will you play in this brave new world? 

We’re keeping our eyes on the skies so stay safe, stay sane, and check back soon for more astrological updates.

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