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The Energy of Fake Crystals

The Energy of Fake Crystals

If you work with crystals, you probably know about all the “fake” and “unnatural” crystals like opalite, blue howlite and aura quartzes. If you’ve accidentally picked up one of these crystals or felt yourself drawn to one, don’t worry about it! They have their uses too.  

This article breaks down all the different ways that crystals are manufactured and altered, as well as how processing affects their energies and what they can be used for. 


Dyed crystals are natural minerals which have been dyed a specific colour to visually enhance them. Blue howlite and dyed agate are the ones you’ll see most often, and they’re generally found in bead and craft supply stores. 

Energy compared to a natural crystal: 30% 

Uses: Dyed stones are widely discredited amongst crystal healers, and they should not be used for healing; however, if you have a collection of them, they make for great craft projects and can be used to unlock your creativity and sense of playfulness. Their muted energies are also good for kids, and those of you who don’t have much exposure (yet) to crystals! 


Manufactured crystals are man-made stones that have been mass-produced in their entirety, typically from synthetic materials. They are not imitations of stones that are found in nature, and contain no natural materials. They’re often made from glass or plastic, so they contain almost no crystal energies at all. If you’ve ever seen crystals like “opalite” and “goldstone” at a metaphysical shop, these are manufactured crystals. An easy way to spot the difference? If it looks too perfect, it’s probably not real! Natural crystals and stones have scratches, dents, terminations, inclusions, irregular shapes and sometimes dull or muted colours. 

Energy compared to a natural crystal: 0-10% 

Uses: Manufactured crystals are good to use for those of you who are into wire-wrapping or making jewelry with your crystals. If you’re just starting out (or learning a new technique!) having a few “fake” crystals on hand to practice with can be beneficial, so that you don’t risk damaging a real stone while you perfect your craft!  


Synthetic crystals are imitations of stones that are found in nature, such as rubies, diamonds or opals. Precious stones are the ones that are most commonly imitated, and they’re fairly common in the world of gemology and fine jewelry. They can be comprised of man-made materials like glass or plastic, but many synthetic crystals can also be created from chemicals and compounds that mimic those found in nature; consequently, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a synthetic crystal and the real thing. While they are chemically correct, they lack the geometric structure of their natural counterparts, making them devoid of the energies needed to use them as healing stones. Synthetic crystals are often passed off as real ones, so a general rule of thumb is to know the going rate for a crystal you’re interested in while you’re shopping around. If you find one with a price tag that seems too good to be true, it probably is! Knowing your crystals or bringing someone along with you who does is helpful when determining whether a crystal is synthetic or real. 

Energy compared to a natural crystal: 20-35%

Uses:  If your main concern is a pretty piece of jewelry that’s ethical and affordable, lab-grown stones can be a great alternative to their natural counterparts. Many engagement rings feature diamonds that are lab-grown and there is no visual difference between them and the natural ones. If, however, you’re seeking a stone for its energies, then lab-grown crystals should be avoided; that being said, bismuth is exception to this. While it is found in nature, bismuth is rare and often dangerous and unethical to extract. When bismuth is lab-grown, it still contains the energies of the natural mineral because it can be grown with the exact same chemical makeup AND geometric structure.  


Heat-treated crystals are natural stones that have been heated to enhance their existing energies and colours. There’s a popular misconception that heat-treated crystals aren’t “real,” but that’s simply not true! Most citrine on the market has been heat-treated to bring out its vibrant gold and yellow colours, and almost all tanzanite is heat-treated as well. While heat-treating softens the energy of a crystal a bit, it certainly does not diminish it! Many crystal healers and reiki practitioners regularly use these stones and find them to be effective and beneficial.

Energy compared to a natural crystal: 90%

Uses: Heat-treated crystals are great for wearing as jewelry so they’re close to the auric field. Their ever-so-slightly softened energy is perfect for prolonged usage, and they make wonderful additions to crystal grids and gem waters (depending on the stone of course...always check to make sure your crystal is safe to submerge in water!).


Aura Quartz

Aura quartzes is Clear Quartz with electrostatically bonding precious metals giving a synergistic blend of the properties of clear quartz and a unique spectrum of subtle energies on its own. This complex process creates a energetic matrix that amplify and enhances the quartz energies to higher frequencies.

Angel – bonded with silver and platinum. Clears Aura with divine consciousness.  

Aqua - bonded with gold. Creates a strong connection between throat chakra and third eye, facilitating communication with other realms. 

Champagne - bonded with gold and indium.For self-confidence when starting spiritual work. 

Rainbow - bonded with gold and titanium.  Energizes all the chakras. 

Tangerine - bonded with gold and iron. Unites 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra encouraging self-sufficiency and creativity. 

Silver – Opens you to new visions and gives you the motivation to work on them.

Energy compared to natural crystal:110%

Uses: These Crystals are used in high level energy work and connecting to other realm and astral projection meditations. Important: there are many fake spray painted quartz masquerading as aura quartz. its important to energetically test.



Irradiated stones are crystals which have been artificially enhanced to bring out their colour. This includes many precious gems like sapphire, topaz and tanzanite. Irradiated stones are quite common, and many crystal healers enjoy the blending and enhancement of energies they contain. A certain amount of irradiation is allowed for in precious gems that are cut for jewelry as well, without altering their quality. 

Energy compared to a natural crystal: 90%

Uses: Irradiated crystals are great for jewelry because of their stunning colours. Many crystal healers also use the aura quartzes for their blending of energies that can enhance the meditative state and target specific chakras that need energizing and healing.  


Reconstituted crystals are bits and pieces of natural stones which have been broken down and fused to create a new shape. Crystal singing bowls, clear quartz spheres and orgonite are all examples of reconstituted crystals. Their softer energies are perfect for prolonged use, and spheres in particular are often much more affordable than they would be otherwise, making them accessible to many more people who are drawn to work with their energies. Orgonite is a popular reconstituted mineral, being made up of a blend of many crystals that have been encapsulated in a resin shape to enhance their potency. Though not as powerful as in their raw form, reconstituted crystals are more versatile and they allow for a greater range of use so you can incorporate the energies of crystals into more areas of your daily life. 

Energy compared to a natural crystal: 40%

Uses: Reconstituted crystals can be shaped and molded, so their uses are many and varied. If you own or have used a crystal singing bowl, bangle bracelet, orgonite, beads and spheres, you have probably worked with a reconstituted crystal. Because they operate at 40% of the energy as in their natural form, they’re more suitable for prolonged and daily use. 

Tumbled - 100% 

Tumbled crystals are natural stones which have been tumbled and polished to make them easier to work with and enhance their natural beauty. Any crystal shop will have a myriad of tumbled stones for sale (including ours!) and they’re wonderful to work with in all areas of life. None of the energies of the natural crystal are lost through tumbling, and they’re a go-to for crystal healers! 

Energy compared to a natural crystal: 100%

Uses: Tumbled stones are smaller, smoother and more portable than their natural counterparts so they’re great for grids, jewelry, gem elixirs, gardening, protection, and placing under the pillow for enhanced dreaming and protection at night. The sky’s the limit as far as usage goes!  

Have you worked with any of these crystals? What were your experiences? We’d love to hear from you! 


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