What’s A Moon Sign And Why Is It Important?

What’s A Moon Sign And Why Is It Important?

You probably know what your Sun sign is.

It’s whatever you answer when people ask you, “what’s your sign?” It’s the one you probably read your horoscope for (and by the way if you do, you’re reading your horoscope wrong, but I’ll get to that in another post!). It’s the one that’s engraved on the cute little charms that adorn the zodiac jewelry you buy, or emblazoned across the t-shirts you sometimes find in your favourite stores. 

Almost everyone knows their Sun sign. We’ve been hearing about them all our lives, and we use them to describe our personalities, claiming the legendary Leo pride or Scorpio intensity or Capricorn ambition as our own. But what if there was more to you than just your Sun sign? What if there was an even better way to use astrology to describe who you are? 

Enter the Moon sign. And, just like a Sun sign, everyone has one. As an astrologer, when looking at the charts of my clients I always look at their Moon signs first because I strongly believe that it’s the best indicator of who a person really is. But what exactly is a Moon sign, and what does it say about you?  

Before we answer that, let’s look at the Sun sign and what it stands for. The Sun is outward-facing energy, and it’s all about self-expression and identity. Solar energy is active, it’s public, it’s out there. Physically, the Sun is where we get our warmth and our energy from, so your Sun sign is the light that you shine on the world. It’s how you inspire others, how you tell the world who you are. It’s the instrument, but not necessarily the music. 

The Sun is how we express ourselves, but the Moon is the self that we express. In astrology, the Moon is inward-facing energy, and it represents the innermost parts of ourselves, too. It’s watery and fluid and flowy and it’s all about intuition, emotion and how we receive the world. Our Moon signs show the parts of us that we sometimes keep hidden from others. It’s the private and vulnerable parts of us that we only share with a trusted few people and it’s how we really feel about things. Your suppressed reaction to your boss’s new haircut? That’s your Moon sign at work. The irrational fear of the dark you’ve never quite managed to get over? Your Moon sign. All those secret revenge fantasies about your most recent ex? Moon sign. Most likely in Scorpio. 

And speaking of Scorpios, you’ve probably all heard the word lunatic (just kidding, Scorpio Moons are the best...if I do say so myself!). It comes from the word Luna, which means “moon” and before it became mildly offensive, the term was used to describe the way that people just seem to go crazy around the time of the full moon. Have you ever noticed that you have trouble sleeping around that time, and your emotions are as up and down as a kid trying to swing over the top of the swingset? That’s because, of all the planets and stars and astrological bodies out there in the solar system, the Moon is physically closest to the earth. That means it’s also the fastest-moving, and its energies affect us the most. 

The Sun changes signs every month (that’s why your birth month = your Sun sign), but the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days. At the time of writing this (March 31 2020), the Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is in Aries. So if you were born on this day, Aries would be your Sun sign and Cancer would be your Moon sign. Two days from now, the Moon will be in the sign of Leo, so if you’re born on April 2, 2020 then your Sun sign will still be Aries but your Moon sign will be Leo. That means, even if you share the same birth month and Sun sign as someone else, your Moon signs are probably different.

It’s easy to find someone with the same Sun sign as you, but much harder to find someone with the same Sun and Moon sign combination. If we look at your birth chart as your spiritual fingerprint, your Moon sign is at the very heart of it. It’s the deepest part of yourself, which is why it says more about you than your Sun sign. It’s your most authentic self, and it’s who you really are, at your core. 

Want to know how your Moon sign interacts with the other energies in your birth chart? Get in touch with us to book a personalized birth chart reading, and I’ll walk you through how your Moon sign is coloured and affected by the other planets and points. Your birth chart is like the blueprint of your soul and it tracks your unique spiritual journey. No two people on the planet have the exact same one! 

In the meantime, if you want to look up your Moon sign, you can find it here: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-moon-sign.html. Does it resonate with you? Do you feel like it’s an accurate description of how you feel and who you are, deep down? I would love to hear from you!  


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