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What's Your Sun Sign All About?

What's Your Sun Sign All About?

Chances are, you know what your sun sign is. It’s the answer you give when people ask: “what’s your sign?” It’s the symbol you look for when you buy zodiac mugs and t-shirts and jewelry. It’s the sign you (probably incorrectly...but I’ll get to that later) read your horoscope for.

It’s a long list of traits that you more or less identify with, listed over and over again on various astrology blogs and podcasts. 

But what do those traits really mean? What is our sun sign anyway, and why do we put so much emphasis on it? 

The Sun is the biggest and brightest body in our solar system. It governs and illuminates the rest of the planets, which all revolve around it. The Sun is all about leadership, so our sun signs tend to show the traits that we lead with when we’re out there in the world. The Sun also governs our identities and how we express ourselves, so we tend to project the qualities of our sun sign outwards, whether we’re aware of this or not. 

Most of us will display those qualities in one area of life more so than the others, depending on where the Sun falls in your own birth chart. This can be tricky sometimes, because the traits of a particular sign may or may not align with the area of life that it rules over. For example, if you’re a Capricorn--the sign traditionally associated with hard work, ambition and goal-setting--and your Sun doesn’t sit in the part of your chart that shows your career, you may not feel like a “real” Capricorn. But look at where your Sun does fall, and you may discover these traits in a different area of your life. Maybe you like to tackle ambitious creative projects, or you’re constantly setting fitness goals, or you work hard at keeping your house clean.

Because the Sun is how we see ourselves, it’s also how we want others to see us, too. In astrology, the Sun is masculine, outward-facing and projective energy, so it’s all about how we move through the world and how we want to be perceived. Whatever sign your Sun is in points to the qualities that you value in yourself and also in others. It’s how you naturally inspire and lead people, and it’s the light that you shine into the world. It’s an important part of our charts, but it’s not the only part, nor is it even the most important (in the opinion of this humble astrologer, anyway!). But I’ll get to that in a later blog post. 

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  • Meghan Sandor