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Bracelet - Kiwi Jasper

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A crystal beaded bracelet to wear daily. Wear it by itself or combine with others to curate your own stack of healing crystals.

What support is available?

Kiwi Jasper can help with cleansing and aligning our chakras. It also cleanses the aura and absorbs negative energies. It aligns our physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the etheric realm. It can also help with dream recall and can make shamanic journeys easier. 

Chakra Association: Heart Chakra 
Astrological Association: Aries & Leo
Country of Origin: New Zealand, United States
Structure: Monoclinic

Each bracelet is unique and one of a kind, weighing approximately 16-18 grams each. The beads are 8mm and one size fits most.

Priced per individual bracelet

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