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Happy Soul Yes No Crystal Oracle Deck

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28 Cards of Crystal Wisdom!

Sometimes we have a yes-no Question and these cards give you that answer or a reason a yes or no isn't available. Each card has a crystal that inspires the Explanation on the card. A single card can be pulled or a series of cards.

The Energy Behind The Cards

The Yes No cards were created to assist in readings when a definitive answer is wanted. It can mean closure, or can be the start of an exploration. And while we may want a clear yes or no, sometimes it has not been determined or its time to step back and spend time contemplating the situation. The cards are a good supplement to other oracle and tarot cards.

Meet the Creators

Diane Kewley

Founder of Happy Soul Toronto, she finds joy in bringing together community with shared love of personal and universal discovery. Diane conceived and wrote the cards and photographed around Toronto.

Joey Wargachuk

Mystic Master and teacher of Tarot and crystal knowledge at Happy Soul and on Udemy. Joey Collaborated with crystal knowledge and graphic design.


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