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Lepidolite With Pink Tourmaline Raw $100

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Lepidolite is a very calming and soothing crystal. It reduces stress and anxiety and brings balance and inner peace.  A stone for empaths.

Chakra Association: Third Eye
Astrological Association: Aquarius & Capricorn
Country of Origin: Brazil, Czech Republic, Madagascar, United States
Structure: Monoclinic

Pink Tourmaline mends a broken heart. It clears the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds. It brings you into self-love.

Chakra Association: Heart
Astrological Association: Taurus & Scorpio
Country of Origin: Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, United States
Structure: Hexagonal

Each stone is approximately 200-300 grams (2.70" long) and every one is unique and varies in shape and size, and the sizing of the stones are a close approximation

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