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Septarian and Barite Geode

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When faced with change, Septarian encourages you to look within to find the strength. Promoting independence, this crystal helps you forge a new path, following your purpose.

Chakra Association: Solar Plexus & Root
Astrological Association: Taurus
Country of Origin: Australia, Canada, England, Spain
Structure: Monoclinic

Barite is for advanced users. It can assist in astral travel and shape-shifting. Use Barite for strengthening inner vision and dream recall. Working with this stone can help you clarify patterns and relationships to better your life.

Chakra Association: Third Eye
Astrological Association: Cancer & The Moon
Country of Origin: Britain, Germany, United States
Structure: Rhombic

Each stone is approximately 289 grams (4" long) and every one is unique and varies in shape and size, and the sizing of the stones are a close approximation.

Priced per individual crystal

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