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Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall

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Over 250 new-generation stones for healing and spiritual alchemy This third volume of the best-selling Crystal Bible presents more than 250 new generation, high-vibration stones for healing and transformation.

Included are many new and rare minerals whose esoteric properties are not described elsewhere. This essential guide also includes a section on crystal skulls, crystal beings, Madagascan stones, and how to work with the ‘new’ chakras, such as the Soul Star and Manifestation chakras, that are stimulated by the powerful crystals featured.

Either on its own or as a companion to the two previous Crystal Bibles, this book allows you to take your work with crystals to a deeper level.

Higher vibration crystals resonate with the journey of our soul and the process of enlightenment: literally bringing light into our inner being and the fabric of our physical body, reminding us that:

We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us.

Judy Hall, Author

The Crystal Bible 3 includes:
Crystal Reference
Crystal Innovations
Crystal Beings
Crystal Structure
High Vibration Crystals
Exploring Crystal Potential
Crystal Skulls
Building in Stone
The Madagascar Stones
Crystal Directory
Awakening Crystals
Physical and Subtle Anatomy
Chakras Associations
The 'New Chakras
Healing Grids
Making a Gem Essence
...and more!


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